Your Kiss, your kiss is on my lips…

Your Kiss, your kiss is on my lips…

“Let’s go to the beach,” he announced.


Hand in hand we walked on the grass behind his neighbor’s houses until we reached the fence which opened onto the beach. It was such an unusual sight to see lawn meet sand. The beach was very long, and slowly we made our way to the shoreline, where we stood side by side as the cool water lightly swept over our toes.

After a while Marc led me to the lifeguard chair. He ascended first and then helped me up. We sat there is silence for quite a while just gazing out to the sea.

It was the most beautiful sight ever. There is something so magical and romantic about a beach at night, and this night was picture perfect! There was a soft gentle breeze. The moon was full and its glow illuminated the entire ocean. The tide was low, making the waves so tranquil and small. Yet the sound of them quietly crashing onto the shore and the rock jetties was musical. It was all so peaceful and calm. Somehow it felt like the ocean was transformed into a glass lake. I was mesmerized.

Eventually Marc wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close to him. He placed his hand under my chin and gently turned my head to him. “I know that this is a friendship dinner,” he said with a wink and a smile, “so would it be okay if I gave you a friendship kiss?” I smiled and nodded. I’d been waiting for this moment all night. And I loved that he asked about the kiss. He leaned over. Slowly and gently he ran his fingers down my check until they reached my chin, which he cupped as he angled my face closer to his. Our lips touched and instantly parted. As our tongues entwined desire surged through my body. I felt everything but friendship at that moment. I also knew that no matter what happened with Marc, I would never …..

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16 thoughts on “Your Kiss, your kiss is on my lips…

  1. oh you!!!
    if I had not already read the fabulous story of you two…… in fact, now I have to go re-read! 🙂

    the beach is definitely a romantic spot. especially for a first kiss.

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