You got to have friends….GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You got to have friends….GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time really does fly. I can’t believe it has been almost two months since we had to have Alex, our cat’s, tail amputated. It seems that since then time has flown by in a complete blur. There has been a lot going on, some of which I wrote about, and some of which I chose not to. Regardless, I am very lucky to have an amazing family and wonderful friends who have been extremely supportive.



However, our friends are not limited to those people we speak to or see on a regular basis. Those friends are also people, cats and dogs that we know only through our computer. When Terry, um… I mean Brian, first posted on the cat blogosphere, that Alex was sick and needed purrs and prayers; I never expected the outpouring of love and support that would follow. I know I said this already, but each and every comment touched me deeply to my core. It was such a relief knowing people were praying for Alex and offering comforting words to Marc and me. I don’t know how I would have gotten through this time without all of you.



Any animal lover would agree. One of Marc and my close friends is an avid pet lover. He and his wife have always had pets that they have loved and cherished. In the midst of everything, Marc was on the phone with him and was telling him about the outpouring of concern and care for Alex. As it did us, it blew him away. He kept on saying that when he went through difficult times with his animals, he wished he and his wife had such an amazing support team.



This friend of ours owns a small retail chain of variety stores. They are local to the area in which I live; however, they do have an online presence which they are trying to grow. While Marc and I are not in the position to give proper thanks to everyone who offered support, our friend is. He was so touched by the outpouring of love we received; he has offered to give something back to the caring and compassionate blogger community.



He gave me the following products to give away:


Mr Coffee 4 cup white coffee maker

Conair Supreme Curling Iron

Wahl Trim Vac Beard trimmer

I don’t have a picture of this one, but my friend uses on their Yorkie to give it a haircut!



There are many ways to enter, but you MUST follow Feeling Beachie as well as like Raindew Family Centers on Face Book.


Each comment counts as an entry.

Just write which product you want to win, and that you follow this blog and liked Raindew on FaceBook

For added chances:

*Write the product you want to win and tweet this contest (just put the link in the comments)

*Write the product you want to win and post the contest on Facebook (just put the link in the comments)

*****You can do the above for each product……for added chances….***

The contest will end on September 3rd. I will use a randomizer to pick the winners.

I will use a randomizer to pick the winners

Good luck!


61 thoughts on “You got to have friends….GIVE AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Someone is gonna win some nice stuff and I hope your friend does well with their business. Yep, there is a lot of support out there in our blogosphere and I’ve met several of the bloggers and they are every bit as nice and genuine in purrson!

    1. Brian – you are a lucky cat…. I would love to meet some bloggers in real life too! I am so thankful to be part of this great community!

  2. What a sweet thing you are doing and a great friend you have to offer all those items!!! Glad that Alex has such a fan club!! I was a fan of his way before the “tail incident” when you told me about him inspiring that little boy !!! Awesome!!!

    1. Beth Ann – thank you so much…. I am amazed at Alex’s fan club…. When I think of it, I get blown away… I still can’t believe how Alex helped that little boy…. it is amazing how this world, real and blogging, work!

  3. GOOD LUCK to everyone!! This is such brilliant giveaways, thank you!!! Me and Charlie are also waving to gorgeous Alex! take care

  4. This is really sweet of you! It’s amazing how people can come together!
    Since my husband has a beard and really doesn’t trim it properly by hand, the beard trimmer would be most helpful for him.
    I’ll post this on my facebook wall and hope some people from end “like” it as well!
    So glad that Alex is doing great!

    1. Irene – thank you so much for helping me spread the word…. I still can’t believe how people come together… it boggles my mind (in a great way!) Good luck (sounds like your hubby can really use this prize)

  5. The support from the CB is more than amazing; it’s a miracle. I lost my Persian, Sweet Praline, in April and I don’t think I could have survived without the support from the CB. It’s so nice to meet you. Come by and visit my new blog for my future furchildren!

    Mom Paula

    1. Paula – thank you so much…. It is so nice to meet you too… I remember when you lost Praline ( I believe I read about it on Brian’s blog). I am so sorry…. But, the CB is so supportive, and the love from them helps during all the difficult times…

  6. I follow you and liked the FB page. I could really use a new curling iron! Thanks for hosting this great giveaway and I really hope Alex is feeling well. 🙂

    I’d love it if you came by to enter my current giveaway as well. Thanks!

  7. What a nice thing for your friend to do! The Cat Blogosphere is a very caring community. We don’t need any of those items, so we won’t enter the giveaway, but we are following you now anyway!!

    We’re so glad Alex is doing so well!!

    1. Island Cats – thank you so much… I still can’t believe how wonderful the cat blogoshpere is…. It is such a wonderful and community and I am so thankful to be part of it (so is Alex)

    1. Anna – sorry, I was just working on picking a winner and seeing who entered for what and found I never replied to your comment… Sorry.. I hate when that happens! Hope you had a great ICLW!

  8. Drats
    our comment just got erased!
    We also think someone is going to win some very nice items.
    We think Alex is super special and we think you are too!
    We are so glad we “met”!
    The CB is a very caring supportive community.

    1. Abby – I HATE when that happens…. It happens to me all the time too (darn computers). Thank you so much… Alex & I think you guys are very special too…. And we are so glad we met you guys too (sadly it happened at a bad time, but that friendship really helped us…) The CB is an amazing community, and Alex & I are so thankful to be part of it…

  9. Hi! Stopping by from ICLW! I would love the coffee pot for my mother-in-law who is an avid coffee drinker. I just joined with Google Friend connect and I like the page on FB. Thanks!

    1. Krissi – Happy ICLW! THanks for the follow & like…. How sweet are you to enter for your mother in law… she is a lucky lady… good luck!

  10. The cat blogosphere is just the best as far as support goes. And it does really help to have all that support. I also truly believe that the purrs do work. You don’t need to enter me in the drawing since I don’t drink coffee, don’t curl my hair and I don’t have a beard. I am a weirdo that is for sure. But I just like trying to help the animals and their beans during the time of stress etc. We are just glad to be able to help. That is so nice of your friend to do this. Take care.

    1. Marg – I am glad you don’t have a beard! You are too funny! And, no, you are not a weirdo.. You are a great lady!!!! You helped me a lot during Alex’s illness. I will never forget you or the cat blogoshere… ever!

  11. We haven’t visisted before, but read with interest about Alex having his tail removed a couple of months ago. Your experience sounds so much like our Cookie’s. Cookie came to us as a senior cat. He also needed to have his tail removed due to tumor, twice. The first time the reports showed he still had a margine where the tumor cells were active, so had all of his tail removed. That was over a year and a half ago, he is doing just fine, no further issues, doesn’t miss his tail, and loves life – hope it helps to know this. All the best to Alex and his ‘beans.

    1. Team Tabby – that helps a lot! Thanks for sharing!!! Poor cookie (and his beans)… I can’t imaging him having to go in for the amputation twice. When we brought Alex, the vet went higher up then he had to (also removing all of his tail) because Alex had a small fatty tumor at the base. He didn’t want to take chances that it would turn cancerous later….It sounds like Cookie is just as happy as Alex is without a tail… which proves, yet again, tails are overrated!!! Alex & I send Cookie big hugs and alex sends stump wags…

  12. Hi Hilary! Thanks! I’m not too lucky, but a Mr. Coffee is wonderful, so I’ll take a chance on it! Of course I follow you! I also liked Raindew Family Center on Facebook. You are wonderful, so obviously Marc and the adorable Mr. Alex are. Thanks! Have a great day!!

    1. Mc Guffy Ann – you never know… I felt the same way with contests, and then I won an authors autographed book and several gift cards due to blog contests…… The adorable mr. Alex sends you big purrs…..

  13. I enjoyed your post and hope that Alex is doing well. Aside from that, I have a Yorkie, and what a great idea for trimming him! LOL what a great idea.

    1. Neeks – thanks so much… Alex is a real trouper and is as happy as playful as ever… He is proof that tails are overrated! Can you please just follow & like? Good luck on wining the trimmer for your yorkie!

  14. Good luck to your friend on his new business adventure! I simply adore the blogging community, especially the pet bloggers. The minute a request comes for prayers or monetary help, the whole community comes together to give the support needed! God Bless this wonderful group of pet lovers!

    1. Chloe & Cecil… thank you so much…. I feel the same way… I love the blogging community, but there is something extra special about the pet bloggers… The love and support they offer is mind blowing!

  15. What a cool contest!!!!

    I follow you on my RSS NewsFox feed reader.

    I “liked” Raindew Family Centers. That store looks cool! I wonder if they have any locations in Upstate? Gonna check.

    P.S. Since you live in NY, you may be interested in some tickets to the NYS Fair? I am having a contest at my travel blog (see my FreakyFrugalite blog for the link– it’s the NYS Fair icon in the sidebar). Of course, that’s only if you are interested. 🙂

    1. Rebecca – thanks for entering…. what is a RSS News Fox feed reader? I love blogging.. you learn something new everyday… Raindew is a cool store. Lucky for me, there is one a few blocks away from my office… they have pretty much everything. You can purchase school supplies, and a coffee maker while waiting for a perscription to be filled…. I don’t think I will be able to make it upstate, but I will check out your travel blog…

  16. You’re absolutely right, Hilary … the Cat Blogosphere is truly an amazing and supportive community, and we are blessed to be a part of it. And we are glad that you, Marc, and Alex are, too. 🙂

    Good luck to everyone who is entering the contest — those are some great prizes!

    1. Meowmeowmans – thank you so much… I am so thankful to be part of it… and while i hate that it took alex’s surgery for me to learn about the cat blogosphere, I am so thankful that I did!

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