You got to have friends…

You got to have friends…

“I’m worried about Cole,” I said to my husband as we drove to Costco.

“Huh?” He asked absentmindedly.


“I think he may be losing his job?”


With a little more outrage then was probably needed, I replied, “Cole.”

“Paul?” He asked, confused. “I thought he had his own business.”


“Paul. Your cousin… Didn’t you just say you were worried about him?”

“No, I said I was worried about Cole. I think he may be losing his job. And the problem is I don’t know what job he should have. What job do you think he should have?”

He stopped the car at a red light turned and faced me. “What are you talking about? You are not making any sense. Who is this Cole person anyway? I don’t know any Coles.”

I bit my lip. “You know Cole!” I exclaimed. “He’s one of my characters. I think he needs to have some employment issues and I don’t know what job he should have. Can you help me?”

He ran his fingers through his hair, clearly frustrated. “Next time we have a conversation about someone can you please start off by telling me if we are talking about one of your real or imaginary friends?”

“Deal!” I said with a smile. “Now can you help me come up with a job for him?”

Fortunately for me the hubs helped… And the job Cole has is the career my husband almost had…

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