Word Play

Word Play

I was sitting on our deck, when my neighbor’s five year old son came over for a visit. He was very excited to show me how high he can count. With the exception of him disrespecting the number thirteen, I listened to him count to twenty. Proud of himself, he counted to twenty again, and again.


I tried to encourage him to include the number thirteen, but for some reason, he just didn’t like the number. Around the tenth go around, my husband, Marc, joined me on the deck. Excited to have a new audience, the little boy excitedly asked Marc if he wanted to hear him count.


Marc, of course replied yes. We closed our eyes, laid back in our lounge chairs, and listened again as the little guy once again counted to twenty. By the third round, Marc, having a little less patience then me, decided to mix things up a bit. “Hey, can you count backwards?” he asked the little boy.


“YES!” He exclaimed. “One, two, three..”


“That is forwards,” Marc corrected. Can you count backwards?”


Again, he exclaimed, “YES! One, two, three…”


“You are still counting forwards,” Marc gently corrected. “Can you try counting backwards?”


This time the little boy started losing his patience. “I am counting backwards! WATCH!” he yelled. Again, he counted, “One, two, three…” but, this time, Marc and I opened our eyes, and watched him walking backwards across our deck as he counted.

28 thoughts on “Word Play

    1. random – I know.. they are so funny.. and they usually “are right” in their own special way like this little guy. He was counting backwards, just not how Marc or I expected…

  1. LOL. the other night my son was doing his homework – he had to label a map of Canada with all the provinces and territories. I printed a map from the internet to help him out a little. The map I printed inlcuded all the capitals of the provinces, and of course Ottawa as the capital of Canada. He asked me what those cities were, and I said “those are the capitals. Did you know that the provinces each have a capital?”
    His reply?
    “um, duh mom. of course all the provinces have a capital. Look — Ontario….with a capital “O”!”
    I said, very, very good.

    1. Rory Bore – I LOVE your son! That is the cutest story I have ever heard. I can just picture his expression as he turned to you and said “duh”…. Thanks so much for sharing…. I needed this chuckle today!

    1. Silver – your brother as a little boy, sounds like a cutie too… But, I agree, my neighbor thought he was counting backwards perfectly and marc & I were crazy (but, we are :))

  2. Oh you silly people! What are you thinking? I mean, you asked this little five year old to count backwards and he gave you exactly what you were asking for. LOL. That was just too precious, really! Kids are so funny like that. We forget as we get older how to think like a kid. Isn’t it nice to have them around to remind us of such innocents? Our kids actually help us to feel young, instead of old. =D

    1. Cathy – I know.. This little guy imediately hit our reset buttons… he was so cute, and right on!!! I don’t know what is wrong with us and why we expected something different! I am so glad he is in my life!

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