Why is it we could….

Why is it we could….

“Why is it we could complain so easily about important people in our lives, yet we get offended when others voice the same opinion of them?”

Hands down, this is my favorite line in Plan Bea. After all, I have often wondered the same thing as Annabel.

Why can we complain2

I am not one of those people who pretend life is perfect. It isn’t. It is messy and often extremely frustrating. (Like Saturday night when I knocked over the laundry detergent on the new carpet. During its tumble the top fell off and covered the carpet in soap.) I find the annoying moments more fun to share. After all, they are more relatable and they make people laugh.

Oftentimes when you share the frustrating times, you end up complaining about someone close to you. It isn’t intentional. You don’t mean any harm. It just happens, because well, you are irked. (I hate when my husband always assumes I was rushing when I make a mess, fall, or break something. Sure, he is usually right, but it still makes me mad!)

But the exasperation you feel when you complain doesn’t have anything to do with the love you feel for them. You probably are over your anger by the time you share the story. But the person you are talking to doesn’t know the full picture, or often times, all the aspects of the person’s personality. They just know what you tell them. As a result, sometimes, you prejudice them. Other times they also may also have found the same fault with the person you are speaking of.

But when they do voice their opinion you get angry. You are hurt. How dare they say something like, you wonder. But why are they wrong? After all, would they have said anything in the first place if you didn’t start the conversation?

Do you feel this way?


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20 thoughts on “Why is it we could….

  1. It’s like I always say: It’s one thing for me to complain about let’s say my sister and another one completely for someone else to complain about her. If that happens I get defensive and tell people to mind their own business she is my sister after all. So yeah, I get it. It’s a fine line you have to walk because as you said, by the time we retell the story, we are not mad or upset anymore but it may paint the other person in a different light to whoever you tell the story to.

  2. I’m guilty of complaining about things my husband does. But my mother doesn’t like him and when she complains about him, I get mad. I guess it’s harder to take when someone else has an opinion.

  3. so insightful and oh so true! Like when I complain about my husband and then my mother will say something about him that is bad and I lose my mind. She wouldn’t do it, if I didn’t!! xoxo

  4. I’ve seen others criticize my kids when something happens. it’s usually an assumption or a stereotype they have for that particular child – and I see on my kids’ faces how uncomfortable it is. I keep that in mind when I talk to them about things they’ve done.

  5. Absolutely get this!!! I hate it when I vent about, say something that happened between my husband and myself, and the friend responds like divorce is imminent!! Like, no – I’m just venting. It’s healthy if it’s done the right way. If you are seeking resolution and not revenge, or to besmirch their character. You cannot bottle that stuff up – you just need to find the right trusted source, who understands that life has it’s ebbs and flows like this, to share with. A friend who knows your heart is always more about love at the end of the day.

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