who are we?

who are we?

I used to think I was a sympathetic person. I’d hear the news about tragedies or natural disasters and I would feel bad.  But like many, my sadness would be fleeting. I’d quickly go about my day, with hardly a second thought to those suffering.

I lived in a world of false security. In my worst nightmares I never seriously thought that a natural disaster could turn my world around.  Destroyed homes and devastated communities happened to other people!  The horror and misery is something you see on your television set, not something you witness first hand.

Oh man, was I wrong!  I learned my lesson the hard way… For the rest, head on over to Tess Thompson’s blog.


Speaking of Tess, I just finished her latest book Duet for Three Hands and I can honestly say it is one of the best books I have read in a long time!

12 thoughts on “who are we?

  1. While most of us will not suffer the “bad luck” that you and others have, I like to believe that we will step up and help our neighbours when bad things happen. I still believe in the help and caring of strangers and friends.Society is mostly good.
    I am happy that you made it through your ordeal.
    Nancy and the kitties

    1. Nancy, Georgia & Julie – I think you are so right. Society is mostly good. Unfortunately though it usually takes a bad situation for people to show their good nature..

    1. I remember some of what you went through in the aftermath of Sandy, trying to get your utilities restored. I’ve always admired how you persevered and went on to publish Dangled Carat.

      1. Norma – I know. Your support and friendship during that time meant the world to me. I am still a little in awe that I was able to keep Dangled Carat on track despite everything…

  2. I remember you sharing this with me Hilary and I’m always so proud of you for all of your life experiences. I left a comment on Tess’s blog for your guest post 🙂

    1. Mike – thanks so much for visiting Tess’s blog. I am heading there next. Your pride makes me so happy. Big hugs!

  3. the worst thing that ever happened her, was the Ice Storm back in the 90s. but even then, my home wasn’t damaged – though many in the city were. The great thing was how everyone helped one another out. I had so many people coming to my house for meals, showers, or just to get warm! We all took care of one another and that’s what I remember.

    1. Rorybore – Everyone helping one another out. THat is the best part of a disaster. It is sad that it often takes tragedy for people to be so selfless…

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