When they take over…

When they take over…

How many times have you heard an author say their characters surprised them?

The Lucy – Author in Training

Over the years, I have heard the line so often. I hate to admit it, but each time I did I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. After all, how could characters surprise their creator?

And then it happened to me . . .

When I started writing Plan Bea, a women’s fiction novel about a mother and daughter whose relationship has been destroyed by secrets, lies, and misplaced blame, I felt like I had a very good handle on the story. I was aware of all the conflict points. I had the twist ending nailed. And I felt like I knew my main character, Annabel, and her mother, Bea, intimately.

Bea is a very stubborn, cold, and headstrong woman. Annabel has spent years trying to gain her mother’s love and affection. However, now that Bea seems to be coming around (ever so slightly), Annabel isn’t letting her off the hook easily. More times than not, the ladies end up in a heated discussion.

One such argument  – to read more head over to Beth Fish Reads

18 thoughts on “When they take over…

  1. Oh I am having the same thing with my two characters right now! Just when I think I will have one go in this direction — boom; turns out they want to go in the opposite. ha.
    but it’s kinda neat too, watching it all unfold like that and giving the free rein. I think it helps get them out of our own heads and experiences: because it’s supposed to be THEIR story, not necessarily ours.

    I loved the turn for Bea and Annabel. 🙂

    1. Rorybore – Isn’t it crazy how you can’t control them? Do you ever talk to them.. I had so many conversations with Anna and Bea…

  2. My human says everything she works on some sort of longform fiction, there’s always a point when the characters take their lives into their own hands!

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