52 thoughts on “When it’s time to change you got to rearrange….

  1. Well, I see why Lucy likes that blanket…it’s heated!
    “Move over, ole pal”, I say cuddling next to Lucy. “Achoo, achoo!, don’t worry I’m not sick, I’m allergic to something.”
    Lucy cocks her head sideways, “Of the blanket?!”
    “Yeah, yeah, that’s it. The blanket”, I sheepishly lie.
    Do you think she knows I’m NOT allergic to the blanket, Hilary? lol Don’t tell her the truth. I wouldn’t want to give her an inferior complex or something. 😀 Y’all stay warm. It’s terribly, horribly cold here in the Tennessee Valley. Where’s spring?

    1. Cathy – she’s smart. She’ll see through the lie, but don’t worry. She won’t take it personally… It’s freezing everywhere. I so want summer to come already!

    1. Inner chick – I sleep everywhere.. Especially on my mom’s whole side of the bed at night. I squish her and she lets me! XOXO Lucy

  2. Finn loves to snuggle in our soft blankets. She doesn’t care where they are, as long as she gets them all to herself! Hope you had a nice nap, Lucy!!! 🙂

    1. Susi – Lucy always loves her naps! She prefers blankets by herself, but she does like to share too…

  3. Lucy, I see you are on your Magic Blankie! Are you going to hog it or share it? Personally, I would charge the ‘Rents rent for use of it. Reference “Crepes, the Cat in the ‘Fridge”. She did videos/primers on real estate for cats and services rendered by cats. If anyone should question you on this–make them watch these videos. Your Mom and Dad should be thanking Bastet that you haven’t sent them any invoices.

    1. FuzzMother – but I have sent them invoices.. the dead beats just don’t pay up… XOXO Lucy

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