When it rains, it pours….

When it rains, it pours….

From the day my husband, Marc, walked into his house for the first time, he was plagued by leaks. By the time he met me, he was able to rectify some of them. However, over the ten years we have been together, he has continued to do, as I call it, “LSI” – leak scene investigation. Despite the fact that we have put on a new roof, used a million tubes of caulking, redid our balconies, and reinstalled the sliding glass doors, water continued to come into the house. Each attempt decreased the water flow, but the damage continued. As a last resort, we were advised that maybe two of the windows, while in perfect condition, weren’t installed properly, and could be the cause for the leaks.


Not wanting to take a chance of not trying every possible solution, we ordered new windows and hired a company that would guarantee them against water damage. Our plan was to reuse these windows in another part of the house, since after all they, were in great shape and not that old.


It took about a month for the custom windows to be delivered. When they arrived, Marc explained our plan of reusing the windows to the installers, who confidently replied, “no problem.” But, our hopes of reusing these windows were shattered, as was the glass as soon as the men began the work.


We were disappointed, but we tried to keep our eye on the prize. Finally, we were hopeful that we would no longer have leaks. But, as soon as the old windows were fully removed, Marc, armed with his flashlight and other LSI gear, looked inside the walls and found the walls were bone dry. Frustrated beyond belief, he explained to me that the window replacement was pointless because no water was coming in from them.


There was nothing we could do at this point, so we tried to look on the bright side; at least we had new windows. They had to be better than the old ones, right? Our optimistic attitude lasted about twenty-four hour, until the first rain came, and water started pouring in from the new windows. Our new windows were defective!


During the month that we waited for the replacement, replacement windows to arrive, we found that windows on the opposite side of the house were corroded as well. Guess which windows? Not thrilled with the original company we used, we decided to have a contractor we trust replace these windows. In addition, as a final precaution, we arranged to have all the stucco redone on the outside of the house everywhere there is a window or a door. Years of water damage finally took its toll on us.


All the windows arrived at the same time. The plan was to have one company install the windows on Monday, the other on Tuesday and the stucco guy come on Wednesday and finally be done…

Monday – no installation, there was a delay in a previous job…

Tuesday – Both installations began. In the middle of the day, I called Marc to see how they were going and his reply, “Not good! They had to stop working on the front windows. I am waiting for the exterminator to come. I think we found termites!”

Wednesday – Fortunately we didn’t have termites, just aunts. However, they did their fair share of damage and additional work had to be done to repair the wall where the windows needed to go. Also, the other installation that should have taken one day was never finished, so it was also continuing. The stucco guy was cancelled.

Thursday – All the windows were installed, and the stucco guy was rescheduled for early the following week.

When I came home from work on Thursday night, Marc gave me a play by play of the day. He closed with, “and, since they installed the windows knowing we were going to be redoing the stucco, everything is exposed. If it doesn’t rain, we will be fine. But, if it does, we are screwed. Water will be steaming though this house. There is nothing outside to stop it.…”

As luck would have it, it didn’t rain that night… It POURED, and continued to pour for the entire day and the entire night…..


25 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours….

  1. That is seriously WRONG. The installation people should really have finished their job regardless of whatever other job you had scheduled with another company. There has to be some kind of liability for them! Good luck hon! Hope everything will finally get fixed, dried and solved!

    1. Maria, really, nothing could have been done…. The window guys couldn’t finish until we knew if we had termits. The stucco guy couldn’t start until the windows were installed. Fortunately, we had two days of sun… I am keeping my fingers crossed, but I suspect we will NEVER be done with water…. SIGH!

  2. It is NEVER easy to find the leak in a house. NEVER. I am so sorry y’all are having all this difficultly. I hope all works out for the best! Hang in there!

    1. Pam, you are so right… I never would have imagined that finding water could be so hard…It is crazy…. Marc & I are coming to grips we will always have leaks… SIGH!

  3. Oh what a shame. I know how difficult this situation can be first hand. I saw you on Follow Friday 40 and Over and decided to stop by. I am now following you. I hope you will stop by my blog and have a look around http://talesfrommyjournal.blogspot.com I can be found in facebook too http://www.facebook.com/DeniseMartin.LillaRose and twitter @DeniseLillaRose If you like/follow me there I will do the same for you. When you stop by my blog, please check out my kind of fashion (hair jewelry).

    1. Denise… It is so frustrating… It seems like when one thing goes wrong, everything does. I can’t wait to check out your blog….

    1. Mrs Tuna… Rub it in…. UGH! I am so jealous….. I think my house was built out of cardboard, so water is always coming in…..

    1. Deborah… thanks… The sun did come out Sat & Sun, so that is good. The stucco guys arrived today… which is good, but for the first 45 minutes they were at the house (before I left for work) they were busy trying to break into their truck where they locked their keys… I don’t know why, but I don’t have a good feeling.

  4. Oh, Hilary! I am SO sorry! I think I might’ve had a nervous breakdown through all of that. I absolutely hate having to have work done on the house. We always have to find childcare somewhere else so our three little monsters, I mean toddlers, don’t get in the way. It’s such a pain. I really hope it all gets completely taken care of very soon!!

    By the way, (on a more positive note) I’d love it if you came by to link up with our blog hop this week: “What I Love About Me! Mondays”

    1. Holly, you crack me up…. I think I am having a breakdown… I spent Friday not knowing if I should laugh or cry, so I did both…. Like your monsters, I mean toddlers, we had to lock Alex the cat up in a spare bedroom. He wasn’t happy, so to make matters worse, he started licking the growth on his tail so much, he became a bloody mess. Marc had to throw out the chair from the room, and Alex had to go to the vet….

    1. D- Thanks! I need hugs! last week was a torchure test! But, as pink flyod said, I think I have become comfortably numb. The stucco guys arrived bright and early this AM. They were at the house for about 45 minutes before I left for work. The entire time, the three of them were busy trying to break into their truck where they locked the keys inside… Seriously, I give up… I can’t make this stuff up!

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