What’s in your shopping cart?

What’s in your shopping cart?

Sometimes I look back and am amazed at how different I am. I remember when I first started dating my husband, Marc.  To my bewilderment, he would always shop online.  I would keep him company while he would browse site after site, after site, until he found what he was looking for.  I never understand his fascination with online shopping. I thought it was much better to just go to the store.  After all, that way you not only see all the items, but you could touch and feel them too.  And besides, you can come home with them right then and there!  No waiting for delivery.


But then something strange happened.  As my commute to work increased, I no longer wanted to spend my weekends driving around from store to store.  Also, as my free time decreased I didn’t want to spend precious time waiting in lines at stores.  And when i realized how many more options online stores had then their brick an mortar counterparts… I was sold!


Now, I can spend hours shopping online, just as I used to spend hours in the mall… And I love to find cool new places to shop.  Cafe Press is one of them…


The choices are endless.  You can really lose yourself in the site.  They have so many great items to choose from including really cool novelty items, travel mugs, sweatshirts, custom shirts, sweat pants, fun tee shirts.  Even items for your pet!  You can customize many of them to make the perfect gift for someone (or if you are like me, someone plus yourself).


Speaking of myself, since I love watching the Big Bang Theory before bed, I think I am going to get me a pair of Sheldon Cooper PJ’s!

But enough about me… Cafe Press is so cool that they will be giving one lucky reader a $20 gift certificate.  Good luck!


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22 thoughts on “What’s in your shopping cart?

  1. I shop on Cafe Press..maybe a little bit too often!!! I love to shop online but still enjoy going to the mall. I’m a people watcher and you can’t do that sitting in front of the computer. We went to the mall yesterday, I loved seeing so many people out, some sitting eating ice cream cones, others watching their children on the playground equipment and seniors (like us) holding hands and enjoying the day!

    1. Shawn – you guys were holding hands… I love that… And I know what you mean about people watching and the mall. there is no better place (except maybe for an airport)

    1. Darcie – shoe heaven – oh how I agree… I can’t wait for the new and improved toe to do some shoe damage!

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