56 thoughts on “What’s cooking good looking?

    1. Susi – Finn is smart. Lucy has no fear. Yesterday she sat on it about a half hour after we shut it off. She is going to be the death of me.

  1. Cashew always hangs out by the stove too! Except he perches on the back of one of my dining chairs.
    but I can almost see your cute little nose twitching just like his!

  2. Lucy, you must be exhausted by all the snoopervising you have to do with your humans. But I bet KP duty is one of your favorite jobs. Do they let you taste test things? They should–just to make sure there is no poison in it!

    1. FuzzMother – It is very hard being me, but my humans need all the help they can get. They do offer me a lot of things to try but I turn up my nose. They eat some strange things those humans…. don’t they realize that crunchies are the best? XOXO LUCY oh and fancy feast is the second best

      1. Lucy, you must tell your Mom to go out any buy a variety pak of Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore from Chewy.com–Arya turns her nose up at just about everything but horks down this stuff. The broth is really yummy. One of the flavors has tuna, mussels, and squid. Our Mom said she almost puked when she dished it up for us–but we love it and all the other Carnivore flavors as well! Summer just did a review of it on her blog and said she loved it, too.

        Purrs, Serafina, and Arya

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