what would you do?

what would you do?

I live in a very unique place.  When the temperatures turn warm, the activity level in my town heats up.  People flock in to enjoy the boardwalk and the beach.


But as soon as the first cool breeze blows, the majority of the people pack up and flee.  My vibrant community turns empty and desolate with only a few brave souls like us battling the winter at the beach.

What would you do?

Come on… be honest, please….

It was the middle of the winter, the beginning of January to be exact.  It was an unseasonably warm day, a perfect time to stroll the boardwalk.

You are in the kitchen with your wife. It is now seven o’clock.  All the other houses you can see from your window are dark.  No one appears to be home. Your wife is stirring a pot of tomato sauce on the stove.  You are about to pour a glass of wine for both of you when there is a knock on the door.

You put down the wine bottle, confused. You weren’t expecting anyone.  There is a woman in front of you. She appears to be in her late sixties. You don’t recognize her.  A man, about the same age, is standing at the edge of your driveway.  You open the door.

She tells you her and her husband went for a walk on the boardwalk and she had a bathroom emergency. She said your home was the first one she saw with lights on.  She asked if she could come in and use your bathroom.

What do you do?

Is he not the best sport????

And yes… this really happened….

we let her in…

30 thoughts on “what would you do?

  1. 100% would have let her in. I let a man in once in the same situation. Then I spent the entire time panicked that he was going to attack me when he came out of the toilet haha I was still paranoid a week later that maybe he was casing the place looking for a way in, seeing what we had, where we hung our Keyes, looking at photos on the wall to see if a male lived there etc etc I was convinced he would break in one day. Funny- he never did, I guess he just needed a wee.

    1. Suzie – I am glad we weren’t the only people who did this.. But like you I wasn’t too comfortable. I kept worrying what if she wasn’t an older lady and it was just a costume….

    1. Annabelle – it is one of those things that you always wonder about… I am glad we did, but sometimes when I think about it I realize that it could have been a big mistake. She could have not been what she pretended to be, but I think that basically most people are good

    1. Ellen – I think being more cautious is good. I worried we weren’t cautious enough

  2. No, I would NOT have let her in. I am sorry, maybe it is because i live in Detroit. Oftentimes home invasions/thefts are conducted by “decoys” such as innocent looking older people…….I guess I am awful but I would not have let her in. She could use the ocean.

    1. Caren – I was worried about the same thing… I am glad we let her in but often times think we were very naive and dumb…

  3. I have to go with Caren on this one …I wouldn’t have answered the door. I guess I’ve lived in cities too long and/or have had too many bad experiences, but I probably wouldn’t have done it.

    1. Pip & Ruby – I think you and Caren are wise.. I think I have a false sense of security… I think more people are kind and good but you never know which ones are the opposite…

  4. Very kind of you to do that. I don’t think I would have answered the door. It;s just not safe.

    1. Goldie – It was kind but in retrospect it could have been a very big mistake. How sad is that, that we have to worry so much about being nice..

  5. An elderly woman into my home – yes.
    If I am home alone with my kids and it’s a man – for any reason? Nope. I just don’t do it. I just don’t put my kids at that kind of risk.
    now, if my hubby is home — we let anyone in — because well… the police are already here so good luck with whatever you were planning Besides using the bathroom. ha.

  6. I rarely answer my door unless I know who it is. When I was in college a friend tried to rape me. Also, the roommate (an engineering student) of my boyfriend at that time (a doctor) physically assaulted me in a rage. It is not just the scumbags or lowlife types about which you have to worry. So–if I open my door to a stranger, you can bet your sweet butt I have my .45 ACP in my hand at my side with the safety off…I know how to use it…I shot competitively…and I have out-shot law enforcement officers at the range. When they see me shoot, they ask whether or not I am former military or police. I just tell them I am a woman with an attitude… Cats and guns. It doesn’t get any better than that!!!

    1. Fuzz Mother – wow! You sure are a force to be reckoned with! I love that you can outshoot the police. I am so sorry that you had to have such terrible experiences. You are right… It isn’t the strangers we have to worry about. Life is so scary…

  7. Aww that was nice of you! I’d like to think if I was having an emergency with one of the kids, someone would be kind enough to help us out. Understandably you can’t be too careful and this made me recall an episode of “The King of Queens” when during Thanksgiving, a man asks to be let in from the snow outside. The entire episode is spent with the guests arguing over whether or not to let him in, and the ending is pretty funny. I hope karma repays you in kindness and thanks for sharing.

    1. Corinna – it is so funny that you mentioned the King of Queens episode because when I told my mom what happened she told me about that same episode. I am happy we helped her. I think that we were very nice. But I also can’t help but think we were also pretty dumb. Most people are good and kind but there are some bad ones and a good deed could have really bad results… It is so sad that we have to think this way…

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