What would you do for a smoothie?

What would you do for a smoothie?

“Want to have a smoothing this morning?” My husband Marc asked me.


“Yeah, that sounds good.  We haven’t had one in forever.  It will feel like summer,” I answered.


“That is exactly what I was thinking,” he replied as I started to grab an orange, cherries and a banana out of the fridge and prepare the fruit.


I leave for work before Marc, so I placed all the ingredients in the blender and turned it on.  Nothing happened. I figured the blender needed to be reset, so I pressed the reset button. Nothing happened.  I switched outlets, again, nothing happened.


“Crap,” I called out more to myself, but Marc heard me as he was headed to the downstairs shower, as ours was still undergoing construction and wasn’t functional.


“What’s wrong?” He asked.


“It’s busted.” I answered. “I can’t get it to go on!”


“Let me look,” he said, as he went about trying everything I already did.  Moments later, he agreed with me that the blender was indeed broke.


“Guess we will have fruit and yogurt this morning,” I said as I started transferring the contents of the blender into bowls while chucking ice cubes into the sink.”


“Yep, looks that way,” Marc replied.  “Can you call the company when you get to work? The blender is new, and it should be under warranty.”


Hours later, right before I was about to leave my office, I remembered I promised to call Breville about our blender.  The woman who answered was extremely sweet and helpful.  I told her all about what happened this morning, leaving no detail out.


“When was the last time you used the blender?” she asked.


“The summer,” I answered.  “We only use the blender to make smoothies, and who wants a smoothie in the dead of winter?” I asked.  And then, answering my own question, I continued, “Oh, I know who, my husband!”


She laughed, and then I continued telling her how Marc didn’t believe me that the blender was broken, and how he tested it for himself, naked, since I interrupted him on the way to the shower.  I figured, I would try to make her laugh, and laugh she did.


“Wow, you have one dedicated husband,” she mused and chuckled.  “Mine, wouldn’t have done that.”


“Yeah, but that is probably only because yours wouldn’t have wanted the smoothly as much as mine did!”

36 thoughts on “What would you do for a smoothie?

    1. Max – sorry…. But, on the brightside, if you find one, it is more healthy than not (at least that is what I tell myself)

    1. Susi – sorry for the visual… but it was a good one! We actually returned it and got a new one, so it has been a smoothie extravaganza ever since…

    1. Darcie – he sure was a driven man… I never thought ice, yogurt and fruit would cause so much excitement…. It was unfixable, so we got a new one…

  1. Glad you made the blender woman’s working day a little fun! 🙂

    Hope you get a brand new replacement smoothie making machine asap! Take care

    1. Old Kitty – I am sure I made her day, and that she wouldn’t forget my call for a while… I love making people laugh… we got a replacement soon after, so we are back in smoothie making business 🙂

  2. We hope your blender gets repaired!
    We are going through the same thing with our smoker.

    1. Abby – smoker issues… UGH… If Marc attempted naked smoothie repairs I don’t want to think what he would do if our smoker broke… seriously, sometimes I think he loves that toy more than me….

  3. Love smoothies!! Never had a naked smoothie…could be interesting!
    We bit the bullet and bought a Blendtec, great investment!

    Silk coconut milk 10 oz
    Spinach large handful
    Cocoa 2.5 tbs
    Frozen cherries and blueberries

    1. Shawn – nothing beats a naked smoothie! Your recipe sounds yummy… I have to try! do you taste the spinach?

  4. Hilary
    I love smoothies 🙂 Are you in FL or CA? just asking as I am now in S CA.

    Will get back with the bloghop..just getting internet back

    1. Stacy – dedication or just really thirsty… No, it was shot, but we did get a replacement… so, all is well…

    1. Silver – yep… In fact I tried several outlets because I thought for sure that I didnt have it plugged in right…

    1. Harriet – happy tues… 5 years is a long time… we use ours pretty often, although much more in the summer months.

    1. William – you should have one… so tasty and since it is mostly fruit, so healthy (or at least that is what I tell myself)

  5. This got me in the mood for a smoothie but why do husbands always have to double check the broken appliance? Mine would have done the same thing but probably after his shower, oh and not naked LOL

    1. Lucy – I dont know about you, but mine has to check everything I report as broken, because usually the issue is Hilary generated 🙁

    1. Deborah – And the funniest part – we don’t even have blinds or shades on our windows… so marc really must have wanted that smoothie!

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