What goes around, comes around

What goes around, comes around

Living on the beach, the summer nights tend to get pretty cool.  As a result, my husband, Marc,  and I kept outdoor heaters on all of our desks, so we can enjoy the ocean air without freezing.  For the past few years, we have solely relied on the heaters that run on propane gas.  However, last year, when we had to replace our old ones, we gave the electric models a try. They seemed to work out well, so at the end of the summer, thinking we wouldn’t need propane anymore, Marc gave the empty tanks, which we purchased, to the florist who always refilled our tanks over the years.


During the winter, when Marc tried to use the electric heaters to barbecue outside, he realized they didn’t provide as much warmth as the propane ones.  Also, he found that on the dark winter nights, having the long cord plugged into the outlets became cumbersome.  As a result, he decided to switch back to the propane heaters and ordered some replacements.


“It is so ironic,” Marc said to me as we were running errands the other day, “I gave away the propane tanks and now, only a few months later, we have to buy more.”


“Yeah.  I guess we should have held onto them.  But, how were we to know?”


“Still it was stupid, what a waste of money,” he replied.


An hour or so later, we drove by the florist. “You think he will remember?” Marc asked me.


I shrugged my shoulders as Marc pulled into the parking lot.  “Hey!”  He greeted the two brothers who own the store. “It looks like spring is finally here!  Great to see you guys re-opening.”


One of the brothers was making small talk with Marc while the other unloaded a box and stocked the shelves.  In conversation Marc said, “I can’t believe it.  Do you remember last year I dropped off two empty propane tanks and told you to keep them because I didn’t need them anymore?  Well go figure.  Now I need one again…”


“I don’t remember, but I believe you.  You need one?  I will get one for you.  No problem.”


As Marc started to thank the first brother, the second one chimed it, “I remember that.  He did give us the tanks.”


This once again proves to me how important it is to support the same businesses, and try to build relationships with the owners and staff.  Not only can it benefit everyone in the end, it makes everyone’s experiences much more enjoyable.


Do you frequent the same restaurants and shops?



30 thoughts on “What goes around, comes around

  1. That is wonderful. No I don’t but back in Illinois I did. The town store owners all became my friends and knew me by name. Like going into the Cheers bar! Where we live now that kind of thing just doesn’t happen. I miss it.

    1. I would miss it too Debby…. I love the feeling of going to a store, restaurant or hotel where you are known….I always think of Cheers too 🙂

  2. Glad you have such a wonderful relationship with these local family run businesses. They’re so essential and provide great service too!

    Enjoy the beach at night! Have a lovely memorial weekend! Take care

    1. Old Kitty, and it feels good to support them! We were lucky to have two great beach days this memorial day weekend. Today, it has poured. I am keeping my fingers crossed! Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. Glad they remembered you guys! We always try to give business to local folks, too, and build relationships. Not only does it usually get us better service it just makes sense to “be nice” and learn a bit about them also!!! Hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day!!!

  4. I try as much as possible to shop local or at least the same stores. The Safeway by our house closed shortly after our daughter was born and was empty for about 10 years. When they reopened I committed to shopping there even though its a bit more. I never want to see it empty again.

    1. Wow, empty for 10 years? That is a long time. I know how you feel. There was once a great sushi / thai place by my house. Marc and I loved it. During the summer, business was great. But in the winter, when a lot of people leave the beach, they started to suffer. We ordered from them at least once a week to help support them. Sadly, not enough people felt like we did.

  5. I sure do!! I also believe in complimenting for a job well done (too many are quick to criticize but never compliment)….and I am HUGE about recommending people to others who were great! Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Jean, I love going to the small hardware store too. We are always painting our house, and as soon as I walk in, I am greeted with “what color today”. I’d never get that in the big stores…

  6. How cool is that? Good for you guys!
    I go to the same coffee shop. I actually started going there because the owner was kind to me. I was in a new town and knew nobody, other than Roy. I don’t like coffee, but thought I would pop in and see what the place was about. By my second visit the own knew my name and had me set up in her computer system. Buy 10 coffee’s get one free.
    It may seem like a small thing to some, but to me it meant the world. It meant at least one other person knew my name. That meant so much to me. We have become great friends over the years.

    1. Oh Bernie… that is such a great story. I can only imagine how much that coffee shop and the owner meant to you.. I am always amazed at how brave you were to move to MT knowing no one but Roy….

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