20 thoughts on “What does a cat have to do around here to get a drink? Wordless Wednesday

    1. Random – If I really had to, I am sure I could figure it out (like i did the water cooler) but those servants really need to earn their keep. Why should I work? XOX Alex

    1. FL Fur Kids – I am working on it.. I did teach myself how to turn on the water cooler. This can’t be too much harder, right? XOXO Alex

    1. Island Cats – you are right. Desperate times call for desperate actions, although I don’t like to have to work.. that is why I hired those servants in the first place 🙂 Alex

    1. Madness, Trouble & Squish… I would be more comfy if my servants (urrr.. I mean parents) would get off their rumps and get me some fresh water!!! XOXO Alex

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