what a weekend….

what a weekend….

Hey! ย It’s me Lucy… What a weekend I have had…


My mom had the *brilliant* idea to get a Mac… ย she was a PC kind of girl.


My dad had the brilliant idea to get an iPad to control all his music.


So, I am sure you can guess what those two did all weekend…. Yep, they played with their toys. ย Don’t they know I am much more fun????


Good thing I have a room with a view – and with all the work around the beach my mad supervision skills are coming in handy….


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Now I got to try and get some attention from the ‘rents before they leave for work!

48 thoughts on “what a weekend….

  1. Hey Lucy, I feel you pain! My mom is an Apple freak …. and I mean FREAK!! She has macbook air, ipad and iphone. She is just sad! Best thing to do, Lucy is to walk all over the ‘rents when they are playing with their toys and moult all over them. They don’t like that ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOve Austin xox

    1. Catachresis – Good idea! thanks for the tip! Problem is my mom doesn’t have a clue what she is doing yet and she gets frustrated easily… She isn’t that fun to be around when she gets into one of her tin foil thinking cap moods… if you know what I mean.. xoxo lucy

  2. Hey Lucy, What a wonderful weekend your parents had even if they neglected you! I bet your mom is going to love her Mac!!!! Don’t worry–they still have time for you and anyway, you were busy supervising!!!! Purrs!

    1. Beth Ann- I dont understand this comment – how could my parents have a wonderful weekend and neglect me??? the nerve! XOXO Lucy

  3. Mom is happy for your Mom and Dad!
    Mom just got the iphone 4 a few weeks ago and LOVES it and says the iPad mini is next on her agenda. She was always a PC girl too…..but the user-friendliness of the mac products has her hooked!

  4. Well of course you are more fun sweet Lucy, but it is kind of fun to watch the humans try to figure out their new toys. Tell Mom to check out switchtomac.com for some tips and the apple website has some good stuff too.

    1. Brian – I will! I want her to learn as fast as she can… I take after her and don’t have much patience… i need attention, NOW XOXO Lucy

  5. OH lovely Lucy!! The best is when you get to play with the ipad and sleep on the mac! LOL!! Enjoy your view! Take care

    1. Old Kitty – the mac is very comfy to sleep on. Better than that old clunker my mom had… that thing weighed like 5 of me! XOXO Lucy

  6. What?! You mean the humans didn’t upload every cat toy app onto that iPad for your pleasure, Lucy? Mine did… although, to be honest, we did not like any of the games! But you’re much younger, and I bet you would!

    1. Sparkle – I bet I will like them. I always steal my mom’s iphone when she has it laying around and I take pictures.. only thing is since I don’t have thumbs i only get pictures of the carpet. XOXO Lucy

  7. Sparkle is right, Lucy. You should make your Mommy and Daddy download ALL the kitty games onto their new Apple products immediately. They need to get their priorities straight. MOL!

    1. William – I tried… I don’t know why but they didn’t seem to like the email I wrote when I did… I thought it was purrfect XOXO Lucy

  8. Oh dear sweet Lucy, what we kitties have to put up with when that technology stuff is involved! Good thing you have that beautiful window and view and all that stuff to snoopervise in the meantime…We have caught up with all your posts and just want to say how happy we are for you being in your awesome new home and all the love you are providing for your Mommy & Daddy and they for you. It is so special that your brother Alex has been giving you all those handy tips as well!

    1. Clooney – thanks… this weekend excluded, I am one happy kitten. I love it here. I love my parents. I love that I have an older brother that helps guide me, and I love all my new bloggy friends…

    1. Pip – I can tell i am going to love this mac, it is just frustrating learning… but once I get rolling I know I will never look back !

  9. I finally got a MAC and like you Hilary, I find I am on a learning curve coming from a PC, but so far I love it! Now only if Intuit would fix their Quicken for MAC’s so it operates the way the PC version does, I would be in Apple heaven!

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