Weekend writing warriors – snippet and giveaways!

Weekend writing warriors – snippet and giveaways!


Welcome to Weekend Writing Warriors! Sign up on the linky list below and share 8 sentences of your writing, published or unpublished, to go live between 12:00 noon on Saturday 12/21/13 and 9:00 AM on Sunday 12/22/13. Visit other participants on the list and read, critique, and comment on their 8 sentence posts. Spread the word. Twitter hashtag #8sunday.  Also joining snippet Sunday…




“Don’t feel bad, Mom, Marc didn’t get down on one knee either.  But I think he did get weak in the knees. But you asked how he proposed.  Let’s just say… I don’t think he planned for it.”

Lois smiled and took a delicate sip of her drink.  I still had a stupid smile plastered on my face.  I was having a blast.  Well, I was until I glanced over and saw the pained look in Marc’s eyes, which was growing more noticeable with every additional comment out of Jaye’s mouth.

He was trying so hard to be a good sport.  I could see it was getting increasingly difficult for him to let this charade continue.  As he got agitated so did I.  In an instant, the joke stopped being funny.  It was sad and hurtful.   No matter how hard I pretended, Jaye’s proposal wasn’t real, nor was it going to magically become so.  Instead, it started to become crystal clear to me, while looking at Marc’s troubled face that he had no intention of proposing to me now, and I feared ever.  Would I be okay always just being his girlfriend?

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32 thoughts on “Weekend writing warriors – snippet and giveaways!

  1. I love the way that she is noticing how uncomfortable Marc is becoming and is realizing why.

    I’m going to admit that this line confused me, though: ” No matter how hard I pretended, Jaye’s proposal wasn’t real, nor was it going to magically become so.”
    Jaye’s proposal? (This may have been explained in a previous post and I don’t remember it, if so, please disregard and send more caffeine.)

    1. PT Wyant – it is a confusing line (and I think I did explain it in a previous snippet) but I wanted to leave it confusing… after all, who gets issued a marriage ultimatum by someone not their girlfriend and who gets proposed to by someone who isn’t their boyfriend… these things just happen to me… Our friends had our best interests at heart although those intentions may have backfired!

    1. Kate – Can you imagine how confused I was living this? Let’s just put it this way… all these characters had Marc and my best interest at heart although how they showed it wasn’t conventional…

  2. Ooh, that’s such a compelling moment. I’ve lived through things like that, when something that you’ve committed to suddenly seems wrong and you want to bail out of your own life!! What will she do next! (This seems like more than eight sentences, but I’ll forgive you for bending the rules. 😉 )

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