43 thoughts on “We are family…. Wordless Wednesday

    1. Brian – tell Gracie Alex is on his way… He wants to know if he could stay with you this weekend as his uncle the V-E-T will be at the house….

  1. uh oh, Zoo Zoo wasn’t aware that hugging Alex was an option. you should hear the defeaning toddler roar of “HHHUUUUGGGG “IIMMM” in my ear right now. LOL

    1. Vicky – Thanks! I love that I did too… I really want a picture of all of us, and for now this is the best one I got… I have to work on fixing that 🙂

    1. CCL Wendy – 3 blogs? wow! where do you find the time? I will check it out… I dont think I could have planned taking this picture in the mirror. It sort of just happened and it came out good… Basically, I just got lucky!

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