Warning from the cat

Warning from the cat


                YEAH, you…Why are you looking around?  See anyone else here that answers to mom?

Enough already… You have hogged the computer ALL weekend.  I thought you promised to take turns?

                But did you? No!


And what about Daddy?  Did he share?

NO!  he is just as bad as you!  Look at him there, in his orange shirt…


Well, if you can’t stop, I am stopping you!  Step away from the computer.

                NOW!  I said NOW!


It is my turn.  I have lots to do… Important stuff to do! Stuff that makes your stuff seems insignificant. I have a special lady (gracie) to catch up with and I need this computer… So, take a hike!


Bye, mom, bye… I will let you know when you can return…


Finally, the computer is all mine…..



44 thoughts on “Warning from the cat

  1. Ha Ha Ha…Finn always likes to curl up behind the computer. She has yet to make me hand it over to her, maybe she’ll start “talking” to Alex, too. I think, the humming is soothing to her!!!!

    1. Susi – Start to worry… Alex didn’t close out of his emails yesterday, and I did see that he wrote to Finn… I wouldn’t be surprised if Finn makes you give her the computer too… 🙂

  2. Alex, you have to be more strict with the humans about when they use YOUR computer! Because, really, there’s nothing more important that our own blogging, right? 😉

    1. Random – Well, don’t give me too much credit… I tried walking over the computer until my mom stopped typing, but she is just not that bright.. she didn’t get the hint. I have to be blunt with her! XOXO Alex

  3. Oh good boy Alex. Get those hoomans off your computer. That Gracie is waitin for you. Hope you two were able to get on there together.
    Take care all of you.

    1. Marg, oh it was GREAT! When I FINALLY got my mom to leave MY computer alone I reached out to my SWEET and BEAUTIFUL Gracie and we spend ALL day online togther… It was AMAZING! Aren’t I a lucky man cat to have her? XOXO Alex

    1. Amber – believe me I tried. She is think as a brink that mom of mine… I keep telling her it is MINE and she sort of rolls her eyes…. And BESIDES, what could she have to do anyway that could compare to my need???? The NERVE! XOXO Alex

  4. Alex has a wild look in his eyes. He does know the mouse you’re using is only a computer peripheral and NOT an actual mouse, right? I believe he’s using this catching up with Gracie as a trick to get you away just so he can pounce on your computer mouse. Keep a sharp eye out for your mouse gone missing at anytime. Cats are very sneaky like that.

    1. Cathy – he is a funny chap that cat of mine… He doesn’t care about the mouse at all.. but the keyboard. Oh, how he loves that. Sometimes I leave the table to find that he did some typing. Fortunately for me he never hit save or send yet… but I am waiting for that one!

    1. Katnip Lounge – You said it sister, AMEN! They should be catering to my every whim, not making me wait on computer time. What is wrong with them? You are right. After ALL I do for those two… UGH! those ungreats… Sheesh! XOXO Alex

  5. this is SOOOO funny… I cannot tell you how MANY times Muttley literally pushes my hands off the keyboard…sticks her nose on the keyboard or pushes me away from my laptop..
    do you think they’re jealous of the computer…
    OR catch this one! You know Michelle and I skype now…right? Well you should see Muttley with that one… she literally pouts in the corner as Michelle shows up on the screen!

    1. Brenda – I think you are right… I think they are jealous of the computer… After all, our hands are busy typing rather than doing what is important – petting them! Muttley pouts when you and Michele skype? that is so cute. When I travel for work, and call marc, he puts the phone by alex’s ear and I say “hi” and he meows into the phone…

    1. Meowmeowmans – OK, let’s not get too carried away with Alex’s manners… He does the same thing… Usually I pay him no mind. I think this was my first warning. My second would have been him stealing the power cord!

  6. Oh Alex!! You are a most manly mankitty! Yay for telling mum and dad it’s your turn! Hope you got to have some alone virtual time with gorgeous Gracie! Yay! take care

    1. Old Kitty – I ALWAYS tell my mum and dad it is my turn, but they don’t always listen… Thank goodness I was forceful yesterday.. I had a purrfect day with my sweet, sweet gracie!

    1. Abby – You said it sister! If I waited for my mom to give me some computer time, I would be an old, old man… Hey wait a minute, I am already an old man. I need to make sure I use her computer more often! XOXO Alex

    1. Brandon’s Raiser – thanks! Looking cute is one way that I get my mom away from MY computer.. she just can’t resist taking pictures of me!

    1. Madness, Trouble, Squish & Milkbone – good catch guys! You understood my plan. My little tushie wasn’t going to move until I got what I wanted. and SUCESS was mine! XOXO Alex

    1. Cody – what is WRONG with them… Is there some sort of training class we can send them too? I don’t know about you, but I have been trying to train my parents for years, and they STILL don’t get it… ALEX

    1. FL Furkids – I know.. Those humans are SO selfish… why do they think they have the right to hog the computer. work? Please. We are the ones that have the needs! XOXO Alex

  7. Alex, you may have to resort to giving the staff a bit of a swat with your paw. Just to keep them in line, remind them of their place.

    1. William – I have tried that.. Believe you, me, I have. But, those paren’t of mine are just not too bright… They don’t get the idea. I never get them into line -XOXO Alex

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