64 thoughts on “Vogue, Vogue, strick a pose – wordless wednesday

  1. Oh goodness, look at that cuteness. She was so darn cute as a little tiny one. Can’t wait for more pictures of her. And a report on how she is doing.

    1. Brian – Lucy Beauty – I like the sound of that.. have been calling her lucy goosey but like your version better!

  2. You just can’t post pics like this without a warning….The overload of cute can cause swooning and/or fits! 🙂

  3. awwwww…..we love tiny baby pictures. Mom takes lots so she can give them to the new families if she can (OK – that isn’t the only reason, but she does like to pass them on if she can

    1. Crazy cat Lady – they made me smile. I am so thankful that Lucy’s foster mom sent them to me – she was just 3 weeks old

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