Two years ago you entered this world. But your future was so bleak… In fact your days were numbered. You were born only to be sentenced to die…


I hate to think of what could have happened, sweet girl. I hate to imagine what my life would be without you in it. I hate to think what would have happened if Long Beach Humane Society didn’t go to the kill shelter in Brooklyn and rescue you, your mom, and your siblings…

You were one of the lucky ones. You were saved!


I remember the first time I saw your face online. It was love at first sight. I knew you were the kitten for me. I wasn’t sure if I could convince your dad it was time to open our hearts and home to another feline. We were both still so sad after saying goodbye to your brother, Alex, only a few months earlier.

Oh did your daddy fight me. I was so mad at him. And then he insisted on coming to see you and your family in foster care. I couldn’t decide if I was glad he was coming or angry. In my mind I had already worked out how I would get you home. When he tagged along I feared I would have to come up with a Plan B.

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Daddy surprised me…. After playing with your family for about twenty minutes, he turned to me and asked which cat I wanted. And although I would have loved to take your entire family home, I didn’t think twice I immediately picked you up, kissed your head, and said “this one.” To show your agreement, you slapped me!


I know that fate brought us together. Everything worked out so perfectly. You brought so much joy and happiness to your dad and my life. I believe in the story about nine lives – a cat’s spirit returns nine times and if you have a very special connection with your cat, you may get the spirit twice. I know you have part of Alex’s spirit in you.


Happy Birthday Lucy! I hope you know how much you are loved.

43 thoughts on “Two!!!!

    1. Caren – I can’t believe she is two either? I’ll have to work on her dad, but I think two is legal… don’t you?

  1. Happy Birthday Lucy! You were definitely the pick of the litter!

    We got the Pro Plan Men and Cats calendar yesterday that we won. Mom can’t stop drooling over all the hunks and their kitties! Thank you!

    1. Lailia & Minchie – Thanks! I think I was too.. I am so happy you got the calendar and that your mom is loving it! XOXO Lucy

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