Tummy troubles

Tummy troubles

I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it was probably six years ago. Alex, my beloved man cat, battled his first serious health scare. The poor cat couldn’t keep anything down. He barely was able to make it to his litter boxes. His poor gastrointestinal tract was a wreck. We felt so helpless watching him suffer as we tried to help him feel better.

Did you know gastrointestinal (GI) upset is a top reason pets visit the vet? Purina conducted a survey for pets that went to the vet in the last twelve months for a GI issue. They found 1 in 3 owners said their cat vomited, with half of them saying their cat vomited at least 5 times during the year. 7% of the owners said their cats had poor or loss of appetite. 1 in 12 owners said their cats experience diarrhea. Sometimes the signs that your pet isn’t well aren’t as obvious. Sometimes just a change in their poop may indicate there is a GI issue and a change of food is needed.

Purina is always at the cutting edge to help our pets. Their new Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gatroenteric Naturals is a natural therapeutic formula that helps meet the need of pets suffering from GI distress. These foods, which are available at vets, also have added vitamins and minerals and are available for both dogs and cats.

Purina is allowing one lucky winner two coupons for a free bag of Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets EN Gatroenteric Naturals

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22 thoughts on “Tummy troubles

  1. Alex is missed but he sent a good replacement to get your love. They were and are two lucky cats to be living at the Grossman’s.

    1. Loretta – you are right.. I am so happy that Alex sent us Lucy to love… I want to be a cat at the Grossmans!

  2. We have a kitty who over eats and then drinks water and barfs it all back up. He’s healthy otherwise and hasn’t lost weight so we aren’t to worried about it. – I can understand and feel for cats with tummy issues though.

    1. Ida – I’m glad he’s healthy otherwise. Sometimes Lucy eats too fast and then throws up. I feel so bad for her when it happens

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