Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

Hi, my name is Ruby!


You guys don’t know me… but I am the original member of the tailless cousin’s club.  My older cousin, Alex, didn’t want me be alone and a couple of weeks after I had my tail amputated he had his done too… and by the same doctor to boot!  Now if that doesn’t prove what an amazing guy he was, I don’t know what does… but then again, I bet you already knew that….


Man, have I had an interesting few weeks…. It all started about a month ago.  First my parents stayed home on a Monday morning.  Then my cousin’s Marla and Robyn came over my house.  Then by lunchtime my Aunt Hilary and Uncle Marc showed up. I didn’t know what was going on, but I didn’t really care.  My mom was making me tunie juice!


Everyone had a lot to say… but then again you already know my Aunt Hilary and Uncle Marc so that shouldn’t be surprising.  They kept on talking about a storm or something.  I couldn’t care less.  All that mattered was my parents weren’t letting me out of the house.  Seriously, they were crimping my style. I had places to go and people to see.


My Aunt Hilary brought over a little yellow back of treats for me.  I was excited, but I didn’t want to seem overly eager. After all, I had to focus my efforts on getting out of the house.  A certain mancat was expecting me…If you know what I mean.  So I didn’t give her the time of day.


Hours passed.  No matter what I did no one let me out.  I was soooo angry!  But then something strange happened.  Right as everyone was finishing up dinner the lights went out.  My mom ran for candles.  My Uncle Marc whipped out flashlights from his bag.  No one was too concerned at first. But in moments that all changed.  Water started pouring through the house.  Everyone started freaking out, running from room to room, moving furniture, and moving clothes. It was chaos! Everyone looked so upset. I don’t know why.  I was having fun.  It was so exciting!  I was loving every minute…. Thoughts of going outside were gone. Being inside was just way too much fun!


The next morning the lights were still out and the water was still all over the house.  My parents, cousins, Aunt and Uncle all looked upset.  I don’t know what was wrong with them?  Don’t they know fun when they see it?  I would say it would be their loss, but in their haze no one thought about feeding me!


And it was then that I remembered…. The day before my Aunt Hilary brought over a bag of Felidae Tid Nips (chicken flavor) for me.  I looked around and saw them sitting on the bench in the kitchen. I made a mad dash for them and used my paw to knock them over.  Unfortunately I couldn’t open the bag but my Aunt Hilary came to the rescue (sometimes she is good for something – I don’t know why Alex always complained about her).  She opened the bag for me and let me tell you… they were delicious!!!!


34 thoughts on “Trick or Treat

  1. What are your humans thinking? A starving kitty and they only care about lights and candles? I hope you let them know that you were not impressed. Really now. Some humans just don’t get it. I’m glad your Auntie came to your rescue and gave you some wonderful treats. That might make up for their lack of attention earlier. 🙂

    1. Bernie – thank you! finally someone understands me… Later in the week when it snowed and my aunt and uncle slept over again they woke up really early. I begged them to let me out. They wouldn’t. It was as if they didn’t understand cat or something… UGH! Good help is so hard to find… XOXO Ruby

  2. Oh Ruby, the treats to the rescue. Glad there was a bright spot in that horrible storm. Well done. Hope things are getting a little better for all of you.

    1. Marg – Storm didn’t bother me one bit… don’t know what all the fuss was that the humans were making…. they should take a lesson or two from a cat! XOXO Ruby

  3. Hello Ruby, you are a pretty one! I am glad you had company that brought treats during that evil storm. And you are so right, Alex was special in many, many ways.

    1. Brian – I know.. Alex was the best… I am lucky that he was my cousin… and I know my aunt & uncle are still sad so when they come over I make sure to give them extra loving…. XOXO Ruby

    1. Random – It was nasty, but I am a tough lady.. I could have handled it! Don’t know why the humans were so worried…. XOXO Ruby

    1. Amber – HI! So nice to meet you too! This is fun… First my aunt gives me treats… Now I get to meet such cool people… We should have storms more often! XOXO Ruby

  4. Ruby, you sure are a brave kitteh! We would have been a little overwhelmed with all that activity. That sure was nice of your aunt Hilary to bring those nommy treats. 🙂

    We’re still purring and praying for you, dear pals.

  5. Quite a different perspective on the storm….

    Ruby, you are a gorgeous cat!

    I probably shouldn’t feed your ego, right?

    1. William – probably not… she has a big enough ego as it is – but it is well deserved. She is just as sweet as she is cute!

    1. Caren – one day but not now… this home is in no shape to welcome a feline into… hell, it is hardly in shape for us to live in….

    1. Lucy – she is so cute and so sweet. She wasn’t so glad about Uncle Marc being there though… we slept in her brother (who is in college’s room) and she got so excited to see a man in the bed and then was so disappointed to realize it was her uncle and not her brother!

    1. Debby – yeah, I think I know she loves me… but if she loves me where is she now with more treats? that bag is long gone! XOXO Ruby

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