Travel alarm clocks

Travel alarm clocks

How to Find the Best Travel Alarm Clock

Oversleeping is bad enough when you are late for a job you hate. Failing to wake up in time while travelling for a living has to hurt at least twice as bad. Especially when you miss out on some super cool activities like hiking to see the sunrise, or catching wildlife along a remote shoreline.

Personal Experience

Both of those things have happened to me, which is why I have something of a personal stake in finding the best travel alarm clock out there. Something with exceptional sound quality, which cuts through any mental fog which might be preventing me from waking up on time.

The problem with being so peripatetic is that it can be tiring. Moving around, from country to country, or even from continent to continent, can really take it out of you. Having to snatch sleep on train seats, or on planes or in cars, also means that oversleeping can be a hazard. Sometimes a comfortable bed, once you have actually managed to find one, can be very hard to climb out of!

Portability and Power

So when it comes to choosing a good travel alarm clock, there are a number of factors to take into account. The first thing to consider is, somewhat obviously, how portable it is. No one wants to be hauling some great heavy thing in their backpack; you need something small and light.

It also needs to have good battery power. You do not want your clock to be out of power at crucial times. A cordless clock is also a good idea, so that it can continue to work while you are in transit, or in places where there is poor access to mains electricity. If you are sleeping on the beach, for example! Always carry spare batteries, especially if you are travelling in areas where there are few shops.

Shake and Wake Vibration

It helps, too, if your clock has some kind of vibration alert feature. Sometimes you will be sleeping on a bus or train, or perhaps in a hotel on a noisy street, and you will simply not hear the alarm. Having something which can vibrate, through the pocket of your jacket, or the lining of your rucksack, can really help you to wake up on time.

To conclude, look for a clock which is light and portable, and has good battery life. While a loud alarm tone is a useful feature, a vibration alert makes a clock even more useful.

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