42 thoughts on “Tower of Power

    1. Hannah & Lucy – ha! there better not be. I just like to be fully stocked just in case. Can’t take any chances you know! XOXO Lucy

  1. LOL…you take the most adorably cute poses Lucy!! But my gosh smile my dear…that is all for you!! And no milk shooters to go with that?? Tell your mom I said hi 🙂

    1. Mike – I know! Aren’t I lucky! My mom is pretty cool after all. Now what are these milk shooters you speak of? XOXO Lucy

  2. Cashew already knows that when I walk in with the reusable grocery bags, to start sniffing because there will be some cat treats inside!! It’s amazing how he can sniff them out so fast!!
    although, the BBQ whole chicken I had inside the other night proved more tempting! 🙂

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