Times are a changing

Times are a changing

When I first arrived in the Caribbean for my business trip, about a month ago, I thought my cell phone automatically adjusted to the local time. However, as I started to answer emails on my Blackberry, I wasn’t so sure. I couldn’t quite decide if my phone displayed the local time, or my home town’s time. Since I had nowhere to go, until early the next day, I wasn’t too concerned.

Later in the evening, I was able to find a location where I could access the internet wirelessly. The computer I was using displayed a time, however, like earlier, I wasn’t sure what time it was. I couldn’t decide if it adjusted to local time, the same way that some web pages adjusted to the local language.

Like earlier, I wasn’t too concerned, but I was getting a little curious. I logged onto FaceBook and saw that my cousin was online. We started chatting. I was filling her in about where I was and what I was doing.

Coincidentally, she asked me what time was it where I was.

“I don’t know,” I quickly typed back. “It’s an hour later than New York, but I can’t figure out if any of my gadgets have the right time. What time is it there?”

She immediately replied with the time.

Now, I know Facebook has the power to reunite friends and family and allow people to easily stay in touch. Also, I know that people use Facebook to keep up on the latest pictures of those they care about. But, who would ever think that you could use Facebook to learn the time?

Have you ever used Facebook for something odd?

23 thoughts on “Times are a changing

  1. I have found that my blackberry won't change time when I go to a different time zone because of where you pay your BIS account. It takes that local time which is what screw a lot of folks up when making appointments in the calendar only to find they don't mean jack when you get back to your house because the times are all wonky.
    My recent post Rio

  2. No, I've not used facebook for anything other than putting on clips of cute kitties to the annoyance of my 7 friends on it! LOL!!

    But yay to the power of facebook! Take care

  3. I used it to tell my husband dinner was ready once. But no, usually I'm not the odd facebook person.


  4. I get confused, because sometimes it adjusts and sometimes it doesn't. I guess it is moody…. It never really bothered me when I wore a watch, but now that I stopped, it gets a little confusing!

  5. Brian, now you put Facebook and twitter to good use…I am always amazed at how many critters you save… You (and your family) are heroes!!! I told Alex that <3 Gracie <3 is coming.. His face lit up like a christmas tree. He has been primping ever since!!!

  6. That is one big time difference. My nephew did a semester there, and I remember how hard it was to try to online chat with him on FB…. THanks for visiting and telling me where you came from (I always wonder)

  7. It is useful to reconnect. I actually reconnected with long-lost cousins that I didn't speak to for about 20 years… That was pretty cool. I used to spend too much time on it though, playing games….It was fun, but I had to stop….. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am sending you a virtual hug back!

  8. Love it! my husband & I email each other some mornings from opposite ends of the dining room table. I can see me doing the same thing with him (if he had a face book account. For some odd reason, he is anti-face book.)

  9. My new blackberry changes, but my old one didn't, so I am never sure…. This was the first time I took a laptop with me outside of my normal time zone, so I didn't know what to expect – especially since some websites (including Blogger) were in Spanish!

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