three years….

three years….

Time… What is it? What does it mean? How can a period sometimes seem so long and so short at once?

Three years….

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Dear Alex,

Three years have passed since we have last seen your beautiful face, watched your stumpy wiggle, and held you in our arms.

Three years have passed since we had to make the most difficult decision and put an end to your pain and suffering.

Three years have passed without your presence and humor in our lives. But it is strange. Most days it feels like yesterday we were together last.


I know I don’t have to tell you, but your daddy and I miss you terribly. We talk about you all the time, and we still cry, a lot. We know that you miss us and love us too. We feel your spirit in the house all the time, and we often “see you” here.   Every time James Taylor plays your dad and I know you are telling us you are okay.

Thank you for sending us Lucy. She has helped ease some of the pain and sadness in our hearts. I remember when you first went to the bridge your father-in-law Terry wrote me about the true meaning of nine lives. He said that a cat’s soul returns nine times, if you and your cat have the most special connection, your cat’s soul will find you again. At the time, while I found his words comforting, I didn’t believe “nine lives” could be possible. But at you proved him right. There is no doubt in my mind Lucy shares your soul. There is no other explanation for the many things that she does that are pure Alex. Oh sweet boy, thank you for loving us so much and coming back to us.


Alex, you have touched so many lives and hearts. I am still blown away, three years later, how Gracie never posts on her blog without including her Alex heart. The love she and her family had for you blows me away. I can’t even express the emotions I feel every time I see the pictures. You were so lucky to fall in love with such a wonderful girl and I was so lucky to become part of their family.

Alex I love you so much. I miss you so much. And I always will…. Run free sweet boy, run free….


34 thoughts on “three years….

    1. Beth Ann – And I am thankful that everyone fell in love with him too… It made it so much easier for me to have the love and support of all his blog buddies…

  1. Hilary, I know exactly how you feel. It’s been four and a half years since my bird Sam died at age 21. He’d been with me since he was barely six months old, and I have always believed he carried the soul of my first Sam, who I’d lost eleven years earlier. I never believed it was coincidence that I found Sam Too in a tiny pet shop across the street from where I’d first met Sam One when I was just 16.

    Yes, Alex did send Lucy to you.

    1. Norma – wow! I love how you had such a similar experience to mine with Sam. I agree, Sam one brought Sam two to you… Hugs

  2. Today is a sad day in many ways, but it is also a day for remembering all the happy times with Alex. I agree, it seems impossible how much time has passed since our loved ones have had to leave us. (((hugs)))

  3. Lots of hugs and purrs to you, Hilary. Anniversaries like this are so hard, no matter how much time passes.

    Peace to you.

    1. Fuzzy Tales – thank you so much… Anniversaries are hard, but then again so is a normal day… there is always a reminder

    1. Brian – thanks for sharing about Gracie’s purrs… I know how much Alex loves her still as do we

  4. Ohhh we miss that boy!!! Do you know I still have his bumper sticker hanging in my kitchen next to my sink? I see that handsome face every day.
    Sending you much love on this most difficult day ((((hugs))))

    1. Caren – I love that you still have his bumper sticker in your kitchen. you have no idea how that makes my heart smile. sending love back!

  5. What a beautiful tribute to Alex. We can’t believe it’s been three years, it just doesn’t seem possible. I understand every word of what you’ve written and I walk those same steps. I am so glad that Lucy has come to you to help ease the sadness and the loss of Alex. We will never forget what a brave and noble boy he was and is.

    1. Annabelle – thank you. I know you understand all too well… I don’t understand how three years could have passed… it is so strange. So short and so long at the same time

    1. Inner chick – thank you.. I know you felt that way and it warmed my heart…. Lucy sends you a kiss back

  6. That was beautiful, Hilary and Marc. Hugs to you as you miss and love your sweet Angel Alex. We know he is hanging out with our Sammy at the Bridge — two SuperManCats, whole and healthy again, waiting until the day we see them again.

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