Thought I knew you….

Thought I knew you….

Can you imagine if one day you realize your life is not what it seems? 


Can you imagine waiting for your husband to come home from a business trip but instead of walking through the door in time for your planned “date night” he never arrives home?


Can you imagine not knowing what happened to him?  Is he alive?  Is he dead?  Did he leave you for another woman? What would you tell your daughters?  How do you go on with your life?  Would you?  Could you?  Do you?


In Kate Moretti’s novel, Thought I Knew You, her main character, Claire, was faced with these questions, and more, when her husband Gregg never returned from what she thought was a business trip….


I literally couldn’t put this book down!  Suspenseful, well written, a true page turner… As you learn more about Claire and Gregg’s relationship you get caught up in their life, relationship and the investigation for the truth about what happened to Gregg before and after he disappeared….


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My review is part of a blog book tour… check out the link for other reviews, and guest posts by Kate Moretti


20 thoughts on “Thought I knew you….

    1. Lucy – you should add this one to your list, especially if you are looking for a quick read that you can’t put down… I really liked it…

    1. meowmeowmans – it was… Really, I read it the entire day.. I was so bummed i couldn’t finish and had to wait for the next day to learn how it ended!

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