They share one brain, my boys

They share one brain, my boys

As my husband, Marc, and I sat on the balcony of our Floridian hotel room last weekend, staring into the Atlantic Ocean, sipping a glass of cabernet, out of now where, he turned to me and said, “Alex peed on the rug by the fireplace.”

“Before we left?” I questioned.

“No, today,” He clarified. “I think now.”


“Yeah, I am sure of it,” he replied.

I rubbed my head; trying to fend off the headache I was sure this conversation would bring me. “What are you talking about? How do you know? We are here, and Alex is home. How can you possibly know he peed on the rug?”

“Well, I don’t know for sure,” he revealed. “I just have a feeling.”


“He is mad at us for leaving. We have been gone just long enough for him to seek revenge. Want to bet I am right?”

And since I can’t pass up a bet, I held out my pinky finger to him and we shook fingers to formalize the bet.

We returned home a few days later, and Marc and I did the hairball inspection. Carpet cleaner in hand, we attacked all the spots. Just as I thought our cleanup was complete, Marc made his way to the fireplace and bend down so that his nose was very close to rug adjacent to it.

“Yep, I am right!” He declared. “Alex peed!”

I swear they share one brain!

Can you read your pet’s mind?



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54 thoughts on “They share one brain, my boys

  1. LOL!!! Oh Alex and dad!!! LOL!! Awwwwww Hilary – sorry you lost the bet but dad truly knows his kitty! LOL! Take care

  2. This is so funny!! I could just see you sipping your wine and looking at your husband trying to follow his train of thought!! I loved this piece Hillary!! Great!

    1. Kathy – thanks so much… I swear, we have these conversations all the time… It sounds crazy, but as I was sipping that wine, there was no doubt in my mind he was right, but I still don’t understand HOW he knew… UGH!

  3. Oh Hilary—-I laughed and laughed about the part about carpet cleaner in hand looking for hairballs!!! So true though my current cats do not really have that issue which is weird. Now I am attacking yellow rutin stains where Buddy has drooled or flung his medicine. I found out that the new batch I got, even though it looks EXACTLY the same, must taste different to him because the minute I syringe it into his mouth he foams up, lets it dribble out and starts flinging it all over the place like a rabid animal. Sigh. So now I have some of the original stuff on order hoping to arrive sooooon!!!! I guess there are worse things than you cat and husband sharing a brain….

    1. Beth Ann – if you laughed at the part about carpet cleaner in hand, you will love this… whenever we travel, on the way home we always take bets on how many hairballs we will find… UGH! Alex is like a hairball machine… And that is with him taking a daily pepcid… I know excatly what you mean about the foaming, flinging of the medicine. When Alex had his tail amputated, the pain medicine we had to give him gave him the same reaction.. it was crazy!

  4. Yes, I am a good Mommy to all my pets and I can read their minds, and understand every little paw, meow or bark that they give me!!!!

    1. Karen S – you are a good mommy…. I can understand Alex’s “signs” too, but only when I am with him. I still don’t know how Marc knew what Alex did when we were in different states!

  5. Alex doesn’t look too happy in that photo either, his ears are back.

    After awhile you get to know your pet’s actions. I usually can tell what mood my cat is in by the things he does. Ears back isn’t a good one. Tail whipping is a sure sign he’s going to shred your hand if you keep bothering him. Rubbing my leg, he wants attention/food…etc.

    1. Irene – you are right…. Alex doesn’t look too happy in that photo (and neither does Marc) I drive them both crazy 🙂 I love how every pet has their own signs. Alex is so funny now with his little stumpy.. He communicates so much with that thing…

  6. ROFL….. that is so funny and OF COURSE I can read Muttley’s mind… and she mine….
    After she read this she said, “Stupid cat! Don’t you have a litter box? Now the house is going to smell until Mom and Dad get home.!…. Duh!”

    1. Brenda – can Muttley give alex a call? Alex needs some talking to…. Not only does he have a litter box, he has 5! And when I wrote this yesterday I didn’t even know that after we got home he left us two more “presents” in the spare bedroom… UGH!

    1. Call me Cate – don’t you love how they all find a way to get even? Pooping in the tub is actually pretty good. Makes clean up easy… I found yesterday that Alex also pooped twice in a spare bedroom after we got home just in case his first message to us wasn’t clear enough

    1. Madness, Trouble, Squish & Milkbone – you poor guys..I guess she just needs a little more training 🙂

  7. LOL, I used to leave my cat over several nights all the time and never had that problem. Guess that’s gonna teach you to not leave him lol

  8. Oh, I think Daddy got you on that one, he had just an inkling of his Kitty’s habits LOL. Those little fury children have a way of creeping into our minds even when we are in the relaxing mode! They train us well 🙂

    1. Island Cats – Alex always sends us a message when we travel. But, not usually on the rug by the fire place…. And usually, he waits until we get home to leave us presents (which he also did). So, I really have NO idea how marc nailed it…

  9. Wow! How funny is that.
    I wish I could read my pets’ minds. Sometimes, well all the time, I wonder what they are thinking. I would love to install a video camera in my house to see what they’re up to during the day while I’m at work.

    1. Jennifer – we have a Alex Cam… We originally got it when we were doing work at the house and Marc wanted to keep an eye on things, but now we use it for spying on Alex. Most of the time we only see him sleeping, but sometimes we catch a glimpse of him playing.. very cute!

    1. Kristin – knowing pip, I think you are right.. I think Alex can read our minds too. He so knows if we have plans to go out at night and gives us the stink eye, and before we travel, we know that we have made it to his list

  10. A man who loves and knows his cat is a true man, indeed! The only burning question I have is…did Marc clean up the pee or did you? Or do you share that duty?
    If I was in the area I would’ve gladly visited your cat while you were away…hint, hint.

    1. April – Neither one of us cleaned up the pee… we threw out the rug… It was on it’s last thread anyway… but we both share the cleanup duties… In fact, since Alex has 5 litter boxes (spoiled?) Marc and I split up monitoring the boxes 🙂 Oh, how I wish you were closer… I would take you up on your offer in a second!

    1. Emily – I know.. it is pretty wild… But I am used to Alex’s presents when we travel… He has a temper and is not afraid to use it…

  11. My parents occasionally left the cats at home for a weekend, that sort of thing. Nothing like that, though they would come home to scatter rugs jostled about and folded over. The cats would do that chasing each other whether or not anyone was at home anyway….

    1. William – Alex always gets even with us for leaving him… Without fail, he sends us a message. Sometimes it is when we are still gone, but usually it is right after we get home. Almost like he is saying, “I didnt forget you abandoned me…”

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