The Weird Sisters

The Weird Sisters

I am an only child. I have never wanted a sister. Ok, maybe that is a lie. But, two sisters? That, without a shadow of a doubt, I could honestly admit, I never wanted.


The reason why, I think, I never felt like I missed out on having two sisters is the fact that when I think of that particular family dynamic, it makes me a little nervous. I think I would worry that having two sisters, especially close in age, would resemble what happens when you are a kid, and you have two friends over at one time. Two people always seem to get along perfectly and the third one feels like the odd man out. I have friends that are one of three girls, and they would tell me I am wrong. But, my feeling is the basis of the conflict that plagues the three sisters, Rose, Bean, and Cordy, in the novel the Weird Sisters, by Eleanor Brown.


There was a three year age difference between the girls, with Rose being the oldest, and Cordy the youngest. Growing up in a very small town, the sisters would constantly form and shift their alliances with each other, leaving one sister always sitting on the emotional sidelines. The result was none of the sisters were particularly close as grew up and became women.


To make matters worse, the three girls carried jealousies against their sisters related to their birth order. Rose, the oldest, resented losing her place as the only child, when her sisters were born. Despite her feelings, she took it upon herself to be their protector growing up. She carried that nurturing need over to her parents as her sisters moved away. But, while she was so busy worrying about everyone, she was slowly loosing herself. Cordy, the baby, appeared to be everyone’s favorite. She skirted through life with no responsibilities, seemingly getting everything she wanted. And Bean, born in the middle felt that nothing she ever did was good enough. After all, Rose did everything first and Cordy seemed to it better.


Cordy and Bean escaped their small town as soon as they were able. Bean fled to New York City, where she was known by her given name Bianca, trying to find happiness materialistically, while Cordy let her wanderlust just carry her from place to place, with little more than a knapsack.


When their mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Bean and Cordy returned to their childhood home, joining their sister Rose who was already there. But both Bean and Cordy were motivated by more than just assisting their ailing mother. They both had secrets, and both needed help.


As an adult, living once again under one roof with your sisters and your parents would be hard for anyone, but it is especially difficult if you are like Rose, Bean and Cordy, who while they do love each they just don’t like one another all that much. Beautifully written in the plural first person, Eleanor Brown really makes you understand what makes each sister tick, by weaving in stories of their childhoods. I fell in love with each one of the girls, as well as the small town in which they grew up, and was so sorry when the book came to an end.


To find out more about this great book, check out the discussion on Blogher!


Do you have siblings?  How is your relationships with them?????


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27 thoughts on “The Weird Sisters

  1. Sounds like a really good involving read, thank you for the review!

    I am the youngest of five siblings and I truly don’t recommend it! LOL! take care

  2. I have two step sisters and one step brother. I have never met my step brother. I have met my two step sisters and have become close to one of them even though she lives in a different state (they all do actually). They never even knew I existed until my wedding day when they came to my wedding because my father came to walk me down the aisle. This was almost 44 years ago. They were young teenagers then and I was 19.

    1. Amber – wow… how interesting… and strange. Did you know they existed before your wedding, or was it a surprise to you too? I can’t imagine having sisters or brothers that I didn’t know existed… But, I think it is wonderful that despite the situation you managed to get close to one of them… Now, that couldn’t have been easy!

  3. Sounds like interesting reading. But I think that family dynamics can be difficult no matter how many siblings you have or if they are all female or male. This is obviously an age old argument and a good foundations for a story!!! I’ll have to check this one out. It does sound interesting… I always like reading books like that because it’s fun to see how it translates into my life!!! Having a sister and all… 🙂

    1. Susi – I think you will like this book… I really enjoyed reading it… I agree with you, family dynamics are difficult regardless of the size of the family… yo

    1. Brian – you got that right… Especially if you mentioned Gracie… One man cat, who is protective of his lady love, is ready to pounce over one bad word 🙂

  4. Wow! your description of the 3 sounds just like our family (3 sisters, me being the oldest). I am torn as to whether I want to read this book and dredge up old memories and relive the dynamics….
    Well I guess I won’t know until I try will I.
    Nellie’s Mom

    1. Penelope – It is funny, in the back of the book there were questions for the author, and she was talking about birth order… and how it shapes your personality. I believe she was one of three sisters too (I forgot).I always find it facinating how so much of our personalities are based on our family dynamics – only, oldest, baby…. I can see why you may not want to read the book, but… I don’t know if I would want to either if I was you, but it was a wonderful story, and depending on your current relationship with your sisters, the book may help you guys improve it… It was wonderful reading how the sisters finally started to understand each other, and how they changed a bit themselves…

  5. I want to read this book!

    I have three sisters, all older than me. They were close together like the sisters in the book, and I came along later. They are 6, 8, and 9 years older than me. My husband has 3 brothers and a sister. Then there are the brothers- and sisters-in-law. The varying sibling dynamics are insane and at times, exhausting.

    I admit I don’t have the best relationship with my sisters. We get along fine, but I think the age gap really did us in for being friends in addition to being sisters. They talk with each other more on a friendly level but I guess I’m sort of left out because I’m the baby. Don’t get me wrong – I have relationships with them, but they’re pretty specific, they don’t really cover the myriad of topics typical friendships do. I can talk to one about this, the other about that, etc. I can honestly say I haven’t spoken to two of my sisters since Christmas. Kind of sad when you consider that my husband talks to each of his siblings nearly every day.

    1. Jennifer – I think you should read this book! I think you will relate and love it… I am always facinated by people’s families.. It must have been hard for you to grow up, so much younger then all of them, especially when they were so close in age. You must have always felt like a third wheel -even though you were the forth 🙂 I think that your family is more the norm than your husbands, and why I dont regret being an only child… I know so many people who don’t speak to their siblings (and usually over silly stuff) it is so sad.. But I guess that old saying is true, you can pick your friends but not your family…

    1. Meowmeowmans – It was a great book… I love hearing about siblings who are best friends… you don’t hear about it often, so it really makes me happy to know those perfect family relationships exist.. you both are very lucky!

  6. I have two younger sisters (and a younger brother) and it’s funny…but the description of the three sisters in the book rings very true with the three of us. I read that and all I could think of was whoa, that’s us!

    1. Silver – it is funny, because a lot of how the sisters were written was based on birth order norms… it was great!

  7. I am the older sister of twin bothers who are 5 years younger! I have three daughters, I wonder how they would relate to this book? Sounds like a good read!

    1. Shawn – it was a really good read, regardless of what type of family you came from, but I am sure your daughters would be able to relate perfect….

  8. I think the dynamic between sisters is very interesting. There is so much competition and yet there also seems to be a fierce love.

    I have one older brother. We picked on each other a bit growing up, but have always been pretty close.

    1. Reading Panda – I think you nailed it.. the combo of competition and love.. it probably either is a really strong bonder for sisters, or could be what keeps the sisters apart…

  9. I am always looking for a good book to read! I have one brother and one sister and I am the baby. Suffice it to say the relationships are complicated LOL

  10. I love the name Bianca, always have.

    I get along quite well with my brothers, and have two sisters that, well, I don’t get along with. To put it mildly, their behavior’s toxic to me.

    1. William -I never really had an opinion of the name, but it did grow on me after reading this book… I think sadly, your relationship with your sisters is more common than that with your brothers. I am glad you get along well with the boys…

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