The tour continues….

The tour continues….

Hey Guys!

It’s me… THE LUCY!


I am just hanging around.. Looking for some love and attention… and let me tell you the pickings are slim. My mom is getting on my last nerve…  She is not as much fun as she used to be. She is all ms all work no play… now really, what is that?

She was busy before but now this Chick Lit Plus Blog Tour for Dangled Carat is really keeping her on her toes… But she seems to be having fun and all, so who am I to complain… Hey, I am the LUCY and I need more attention so I have every right to complain…

But I also have every right to help her (after all if I do then there is more time for playing)  She and I really had fun with this interview at Every Free Chance – My mommy shared so many funny things – like why she learned to write with her foot and this stumper – 3 things that aren’t easily found on the internet.  When someone is an open book like my mom (and who also writes a book about herself) that is very hard…

Now if you excuse me.. If I can’t play with my mom, I am going to play with myself!


The Lucy

28 thoughts on “The tour continues….

  1. Not to worry Lucy, Grandma will be there soon and we’ll let mommy do her thing & we will play & have fun. I am so looking forward to seeing you (and of course, your mommy & daddy too).

    1. Whisppy – I’ve got a tunnel! I am transporting to Chicago to see Laila & Minchie but as soon as I get home from their house can I come to yours? XOXO Lucy

  2. I got 3 little ones here who would love to play with you Lucy! believe me, you would be begging for a cat nap in no time! LOL
    but we are a little far for a play date, so I guess you’ll just have to be patient with your mama. 🙂

  3. OMC, Lucy, be careful! You are displaying waaay too much kitty tummy! Our Mom is a confirmed cat huffing addict and if she sees your tum she will teleport and start huffing it. She will bury her nose in those pretty white spots and then move on to the orange ones. Then she will stick it behind your ears and just about everywhere else except your butt!!! RUN NOW! Unless you like being huffed… Purrs, Serafina and Arya

    1. Fuzzmother – oh no. you are like that too? I thought my mommy was the only one… oh man… Gotta go! XOXO Lucy

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