The price we have to pay

The price we have to pay

The things that happen at my house….


As I came home from work, I found my husband, Marc, sitting in the den with our cat, Alex, on his lap. 

After Marc greeted me with a big hello, this conversation occurred:


“Alex” – Hey mommy!


Me:  (as I started walking over to them) – Hey Alex!   I missed you, Buddy!


“Alex” – Mommy, don’t give me any kisses. 


Me: I have to.  I missed you!


“Alex” – But I don’t want one.  I don’t like kisses!


Me:  But, I do!  (As I bent down to kiss Alex) –Tough luck. You are getting one anyway.


“Alex”: Yuck!!!!


Me: Hey, it is not so bad… (As I give him another one)


Marc:  Ha ha, Alex.  You got a kiss! And a big one!


“Alex”: Fine… I guess it is the price I have to pay to get breakfast in the morning.


I lean over and give Marc a kiss.


“Alex” – Ha Ha Daddy!  Sucker!  You got a kiss too!!!  I guess you want Mommy to make you breakfast in the morning also!

44 thoughts on “The price we have to pay

  1. Ha Ha Ha…I guess that’s the difference between a cat and a dog…cats let you only get away with so much, a dog on the other hand will sit in your lab for hours …Gracie loves giving everyone doggie “kisses” …:)

    1. Susi – you are so right. I can see Alex lose his patience if I give him too much attention. My dog, on the other hand, when she was alive, would love to be loved, constantly. I could never shower her with too much affection!

    1. Mrs. Tuna – it is shocking, huh? The prince would like to eat on the dining room table in with a fine china bowl, but his servants have to draw the line somewhere…

    1. Sabrina, Sam, & Simon – I am jealous that you guys don’t mind the kisses. Can you please explain to your pal Al how great they are? As for your daddy, I think that is normal. Sometimes I think Marc & I both kiss Alex more than we do each other, but how can we resist his feline charms? You cats are just way too cute!

  2. Mom is like that too!! She gives us kisses AND hugs :/
    However, we do like them ,heehee
    When you said “I guess you want Mommy to make you breakfast in the morning also!”
    that made Mom laugh 😉

    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Tiger,Treasure and JJ

    1. Tillie & Georgia – you mommy is lucky! I wish Alex felt the same way you guys do… What he lacks in affection, he makes up in comic delivery!

    1. Amber, you don’t know my mom… with her, kisses are followed by like a million sneezes. You would think she would get the idea too many kisses aren’t good, but, you’d be wrong! XOXO Alex

  3. How can you NOT give your fur baby a kiss! It’s irresistible! But kiss them BEFORE they eat breakfast! I can NOT stand the smell of cat food!

  4. What a cute fur baby you got there!! Cat kisses are pretty darn great, kisses from husbands aren’t bad either, I hope you get a chance to enjoy them both this weekend!

    1. Kathy – Thanks so much. Alex is a cutie pie…. whose personality has changed so much over the last few years. He is now so happy and friendly… amazing what losing a tail can do for you 🙂 I have been sneaking a few kisses in 🙂 have a great weekend!

    1. Chewy – my mom rolled her eyes at your comment. But, I said RIGHT ON! shesh… these parents of ours don’t realize how hard we have it! XOXO Alex

  5. Oh Alex, you don’t know the half of it! Not only do we get kisses, but we get “baby-talk”. And we, Milkbone and Trouble, are big mancats. It’s embarrassing. And once the baby-talks starts we get called cute names. We all have cool manly names, but Mom always starts calling us silly names – and in company! The stuff we have to put up with! Being a cat of doting cat-parents is a hard life Alex, but somebody’s got to do it. At least we get some tuna for our suffering.

    1. Milkbone & Trouble – Oh I understand, I understand too well. I thought I was the only one that that happened to. I was ashamed to admit that my mom does the same thing. Thanks for not making me feel alone. The names she comes up with. Ally baby? Ally cakes? Seriously woman, what is wrong with you? I am a MAN! phew… I had to let that out of my system… but, I guess you are right. It is a hard life being us, but at least the tuna does make the suffering slightly better… Paw hugs! Alex!

  6. loved this post although I cannot relate. I have three daughters. They would have mobbed me at the door demanding kisses! So glad we had the opportunity to meet at Bloghers! Look forward to following your blog!

  7. Alex is a cutie! And he sounds just like my Rusty.. He tries so hard to ignore my kisses, hoping that if he ignores me hard enough and long enough, I’ll just go away. LOL

    1. Heather – Love it… Rusty sounds like Alex. He tries to ignore me too, but I am stuborn! I don’t take his hints… He doesn’t like it one bit!

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