The End….

The End….

I have been giving this a lot of thought for a while….


It wasn’t an easy decision to make….

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The Friday Blog hop has been going on for years… Way longer then I ever thought it would when I started it..  Participation has been varying greatly over the past few months, unlike the past when there were a ton of link ups…  I have been finding it a chore to get everything scheduled up weekly (I used to do it in advance, but life isn’t quite allowing that these days).  So all things considered, I have decided to put an end to the hop….

Now I am not 100% sure that the end is final or will just be a break.  Time will tell… For those of you who have joined religiously THANK YOU! For those of you who have joined sporadically THANK YOU!  And for those of you who are just here.. THANK YOU!

But here is a sneak peak of something coming tomorrow AM – 30 author friends of mine have banned together and we are giving away 44 books!!!


22 thoughts on “The End….

    1. Susi – thank you.. and thank you for talking through the idea with me… You helped me make my decision 🙂

  1. I’m so glad to have been a part of the hop when I could. Thank you for hosting it and keeping us entertained!
    I look for forward to tomorrow’s-Todays post!

    Here’s to a fabulous weekend my friend!

  2. I couldn’t always participate in the last year, but I did always read it. And a few of my favourite bloggers too. It’s always interesting to see everyone’s answers, but as you say…. Time. Keeps slipping. As one comment said, closing this door might be opening a window elsewhere! I think there are bright things in store for you. Now that you are a big time author and all. 😉

    1. Rorybore – I am going to miss it too.. and who knows.. After a short break I may change my mind. But there isn’t enough hours in the day…

  3. Hilary,
    I played sporadically but checked in religiously. I have noticed interest in all hops is waning. Even Blogpaws is down about 30 hoppers. Hopefully this is just a lull and the fun will revive soon.
    Love Noodles (Katherine)

    1. Katherine – I noticed the lack of participation with blog paws lately too. I think the time of year plays a role. I really loved doing the hop but I really think it is played out. I thought about ending it last year…

  4. I totally get this! Totally. It was fun when I did it but I got out of the habit of stopping over as well as some of your other commenters. Thanks for keeping it going as long as you did! I mean we know you will still be around====just not doing the Friday thing! Hugs.!

    1. Beth Ann – thanks! Yep, I will still be here but the hop won’t be… I think it was great fun when it lasted but after so many years…

  5. I completely understand where you’re coming from, Hilary. You have got so much else going on now, that you didn’t before, with your author career, plus there’s always your regular work, I really completely understand. I didn’t participate lately anymore either due to the same things time constraints and shifting interests (e.g. painting). There is only so much we all can do. And after all, life should still be fun and not stress only.
    As others said before: You’re still around, I’m still around, so we will still meet. Just not at this hop.
    Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

    1. Claudia – thanks.. I am not going anywhere but I think taking a step back is good. I have found that I wasn’t able to write a real blog post (which I enjoy much more) because I was focused on getting the hop up and running or visiting everyone who linked up. I know i will miss the hop but things have to change.. if only we had more hours in a day!

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