Take that!

Take that!

Hey, it is me, Alex the Cat!  I got to tell you what happened this morning… it was great!

After two unsuccessful hours of trying to get my lazy parents out of bed, finally at 5:30 AM they got their sorry butts out of bed.  My dad was holding me and looking at the lump on my tail as my mom headed downstairs to get me my breakfast.  She grabbed a paper plate out of the pantry closet and then walked over to the dining room table where my medicine sat.

“Do you want this?” she called up to my dad holding the tube.

“Nah, I’ll do it later,” he replied.  “Just give him his breakfast.”

As my mom turned around to head into the kitchen, my dad yelled, “Watch out!  There is a hairball there.”

My mom, a bit dumbfounded, and naturally clumsy, especially first thing in the morning, stepped right in it!  It was great!  Maybe that will teach them NOT to bring me to the vet!

14 thoughts on “Take that!

    1. Kea – I am feeling fine… My parents are the ones tahat have issues! My lumpy tail doesn’t bother me one bit… But you are right… what a laugh I had! XOXO Alex

    1. Chole & Cecil… My mom used to make those noises too, but I cured her of them… I do so many hairballs, she had no choice but to get used to them!
      XOXO, Alex

    1. Buddy & Holly… It was GREAT! So much FUN! That should teach those silly parents of mine NOT to take me to the vet. I recomend you guys do it too… Just don’t tell your mom that I told you to…. My mom would get VERY mad at me, and I am sure your mom wouldn’t be too happy either!

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