Sweet Baby James….

Sweet Baby James….

“I wonder who is playing at Jones Beach this summer?” I uncharacteristically asked my husband a couple of months ago. Now don’t get me wrong. I love going to a concert but my husband is more the music lover in our house.  He has always been the one to initiate getting tickets for every concert we have gone to.


I picked up the iPad and started scrolling.  “Oh my GOD!” I exclaimed when I saw it.  “Jams Taylor is playing.”


“What?” my husband questioned.


“He is playing this summer.  I want to go. We have to go!”



My husband paused.  He was quite.  His face mirrored what I felt in my heart.  James Taylor was what we played every time we brought our beloved cat, Alex, to the vet.  James Taylor’s songs were his travel music.  We listened to James when we learned Alex had cancer in his tail.  We listened on our way to and from the vet when Alex’s tail was amputated.  And James played the last time we went to the vet with Alex, the day before we had to put him to sleep.


Almost two years later, neither my husband or I can listen to James Taylor without crying.  Every time we hear his voice it is as if Alex is back with us, just for a moment.


“Can you go?” I asked him again, softer this time. “Or will it be too painful?”


He shrugged and shock his head.  “Yes, I can do it.”


But we didn’t buy tickets then.  We waited.  All week long I thought about the concert, but usually when a computer wasn’t handy.  Finally at the end of the week, as dinner simmered on the stove, once again I called up the concert schedule on our iPad.


“So, James is playing in July,” I said to my husband as I pointed at the screen.  “Do you think we can handle it?  Should we get tickets?”


“Yes, we should,” he answered as his eyes clouded over.  “Let’s look for seats this weekend.”


Satisfied, I closed the iPad. Then something hit me.  “Did you notice what day James is playing?” I asked.




Something itched at my mind. I had to see. I opened the iPad once more. The color drained from my face.  “Oh my God.” I screeched.  “He is playing July 16th.”

All these pictures were taking in the last year of Alex’s life….


“What?  Well then, we have no choice.  We have to go.” My husband said, in just as much shock and disbelief.  July 16th will be two years, to the day, that we had to say goodbye to our special boy.

42 thoughts on “Sweet Baby James….

  1. So many , many people will be honoring Alex that day. It’s as if a memorial for him will take place. As I believe with humans, he is in a better place, never to feel pain or unhappiness again .

    1. Loretta – i agree with you.. He is now at peace. It is funny, we didn’t see or want to see how sick he was, but when I look at the pictures of his last year, it is so clear…

    1. RoryBore – he sure is.. and Lucy takes after him in so many ways – sometimes she does something and we “see” him instead…

  2. Wow. There are no coincidences.

    P.S. My human knew a singer whose band she adored. This guy was like the brother she never had and he certainly looked up to her, and he died suddenly two years ago… and she still can’t bring herself to listen to his album or watch him on video. She’s still too sad.

    1. Sparkle – Totally agree – there are no coincidences… I am so sorry for your human’s loss. I can understand how she can’t listen. Marc couldn’t listen to James for quite a while. I had to immediately…. It helped me get out my tears

    1. Flynn – you are so right… There is a reason for everything – we just don’t always know what that reason is…

  3. It’s encouraging to know you’ve reached the point at which you can not only listen to the music, but go to the concert on the anniversary of losing Alex. My bird Sam has been gone three years and four months. His favorite movie was Paulie. I still can’t watch it.

    1. Norma – We all handle things differently. I listened to James the next day.. It helped me get my emotions out…

  4. Alex looks like he truly is one of the most special cats at the Rainbow Bridge. And this was such a cute, touching story. Normally I don’t believe in signs, but I wouldnt know how to interprete this otherwise.

    1. Vanessa – I do believe in signs just because I have experienced things like this many times… there is no other explanation…

  5. This is surely a sign from your Angel Alex. I am glad you are going to the concert, because it is surely meant to be. Purrs, hugs and blessings to you both as you remember your special mancat.

    1. Meowmeowmans – I so agree that this is a sign from him. It is his special way of letting us know he is happy and ok…

  6. That is such a touching story—-and you know that Alex will be purring up a storm during that concert, right? So glad you that you guys are going—-it may be emotional but it certainly seems like it is what you are supposed to do to keep his memory alive. Hugs.

    1. Beth Ann – I know – you are so right. He will be purring like mad! It will be an emotional night but so worth it. I can’t wait!

    1. Debby – I am sorry for the tears… I had tears in my eyes as I wrote too.. I know he is sending us a message!

  7. OH MY GOD!!!!!! If that isn’t communication, I don’t know what is. That is unreal and gave me chills. Sending much love to you and Marc…it won’t be easy, but they will be loving tears (((((hugs)))))

    1. Caren – I knew that this post would…. I am glad you saw it. It is so unreal to me too.. I know Alex is speaking to us!

  8. Dang, that made me cry about Alex, Hilary! 🙁 But, I gotta tell ya my dear…the rest gave me chills and goosebumps. GREAT post and sorry I’m late getting over here! I’ve asked before and I will ask again that I would love to have an email subscription option here because that makes it so easy for myself and I know at least some other readers. Your blog is super important to ol’ Phoenix and me! But, not nearly as important as you, Lucy and Marc! Love ya and miss ya we hope all is well with the 3 of you! 🙂

    1. Mike – ahhhhh you know how to make a girl smile! Thank you!!! Isn’t this a crazy story… I can’t wait to see James next week!

  9. Animals have spirits, just as humans do. It seems to me that the timing of this concert is the Universe’s way of letting you know that Alex is doing fine. By all means go… cry, laugh, and celebrate his life! As a cat mom, I know how much you loved him, and how very hard it was to say goodbye. He’ll be waiting for you, you will meet again at the Rainbow Bridge someday!

    1. Josie – You are so right… I was nervous going to the show, but when I got there I shed a few tears and then I started smiling wide. I finally felt that Alex was in peace. It was a wonderful feeling… The next day I had to go to a wake for one of the owners of my company. there was a beautiful picture of the man with one of his dogs with the rainbow bridge poem… And when I saw it I new he was with his pets and I knew I would once again see Alex…

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