Strike a cord…

Strike a cord…

I saw something on Twitter yesterday that really struck a cord with me. I thought I “liked it” but I didn’t. And even though I loved the words I sort of forgot what they were. I can’t remember exactly what the post said…

I do know the gist…. If you are an author and you write a book you open yourself up to a lifetime of self-doubt, rejection, and negativity. HOW TRUE IS THIS?

It is sad, but the easiest part of writing a book is the actual writing. The hardest part is trying to market it. And the scariest part is finding out what readers think about it.

Books are like food. Everyone can’t love the same things. Just because I love my food super spicy (and usually covered in sauce and cheese) doesn’t mean there is anything wrong plain broiled chicken (although you won’t find me eating it unless I am sick).


Every book has negative reviews… Most of the time the negativity has merit. An author can learn and grow from constructive feedback. Other times the comments can be down right mean. I will never forget the review of Dangled Carat where the reviewer wrote, “The main dame was dumb. The hunky guy seemed like a jerkface.” Maybe if the story were fiction these words would have stung less. But since I was the dumb main dame I dwelled for days…

I remember when I started writing Plan Bea. There were days where I almost didn’t want to finish. I was hesitant to open myself to negativity again. But telling a writer not to write is like telling someone to stop breathing. We can’t. And when I wrote the book I tried my hardest to put my fears aside. I tried to focus on all the encouragement and praise I was receiving for Dangled Carat instead. And I wrote from the heart…

I’d lie if I didn’t say sending Plan Bea out to reviewers was scary as hell. I would lie if I said I don’t hold my breath for a second before I open and read a new review on Amazon or Goodreads. I know it is early in her publication, but so far “Bea” has been doing great (maybe because she is a tough spunky old lady).

I am blown away by the positive praise she has been getting. And I am shocked too… Plan Bea made FIVE bloggers (Chick lit Goddess, Chick Lit Plus, One Book at a Time, Hello Chick Lit, and Hey Said Renee) top books of 2015 list!

What scares you? What is your favorite book of 2015?

22 thoughts on “Strike a cord…

  1. Plan Bea would definitely be on my top five list too.

    Even as a reader, I find it disappointing when I see a bad review for a book that I liked. But I guess it’s like you said, not everyone likes the same thing.

    1. Janine- thank you! You putting Plan Bea on your list means the world to me (And I am with you – I get angry when books i love get bad reviews)

  2. Plan Bea is one of my top five, too. I’ll FINALLY be posting my review this week.

    I don’t often read my books’ reviews. I just remind myself that not everyone is going to love them or even understand them, and that’s okay. The only reviews that really annoy me are the ones posted by people who clearly haven’t actually read the whole book–or obviously illiterate reviews by people who think they could do it better (when it’s pretty clear they can’t even write a grocery list).

    1. Norma – really? WOW! Thank you! I wish I could take after you and not read the reviews.I can’t stay away

  3. I second what Leslie said. I’m sure it’s not easy – I’m dying to put some of my photos up on a site that sells them but I’m scared they’ll just sit there without anyone caring – just keep your head high and the keyboard in front of you so I can read Plan Cee already!!! xoxo

    1. Susi – it isn’t easy but the good always out weighs the bad. I thin you should put your photos up.. You are so talented!

  4. There are definitely books I don’t care for but usually it is more about genre or my personal likes and dislikes so I take the time to find out about a book before reading it. My point, I agree with you, constructive criticism is one thing and I really can’t offer such criticism to an author. I don’t write. I just read. I don’t like giving reviews, I think when someone has taken the time, effort and risk , well, good for them. Therefore, I just tend to rate,such as, like, really like or loved it. On occasion I will write a review and typically only if I totally loved a book. I read your first book and enjoyed it but to be very honest with you, it really isn’t my genre, so I didn’t read your second book, and that is more about me, nothing about you and your writing, like you said, you love spicy food, which I would die eating. Romance novels, I just tend to not read but I so hope you keep writing and writing and writing and writing (which I have feeling you will because you just can’t lol) 🙂

    1. Lucy – HI!!!! I missed you…. I find it hard to criticize books too. I shouldn’t admit it, but I only review books if I liked / loved them. I think not only does genre come into play with our feelings about books, what is going on in our lives does too. I know, depending on my mood I like totally different types of books. Thanks for reading my first book, even though it isn’t your genre. And you are right. I will keep writing because I can;t stop… It really is a part of me…

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