Sometimes it is the little things…

Sometimes it is the little things…

“How is this even possible?” I asked my husband as I stared out the front window pointing.

“Care to clarify?” He asked. I do tend to have an annoying habit where I start a conversation in my head and end it out loud.

“The grass,” I placed my hand on my hip and turned to face him. “I swear. When I went to work this morning there was just dirt. But now, look at it. There is really grass.”


“Yep,” he said with a smile. “It happens fast. Speaking of which, I have to put on the sprinklers.”

I followed him into the garage where he stood in front of a large box and started tinkering.

“You turn the sprinklers on from there?” I asked, bewildered.

“Well for now. I already spoke to the landscaper. He’s going to change this and install a wireless control. That way I can adjust from my phone or iPad, even if we aren’t home.”

“Oh,” I said as I signed deeply. A wave of sadness washed over me as I remembered my childhood….

My dad was born and raised in Brooklyn. When I was a baby, we moved to Long Island and he immediately became obsessed with his lawn. Having green grass gave him so much pleasure. He’d spend hours watering his lawn; strategically moving his sprinkler inch by inch to make sure that no blade went dry. His obsession drove my mom and me crazy! He’d sometimes refuse to leave the house if it interfered with his watering routine. And if my mom or I wanted to take an impromptu shower, we’d have to wait until the lawn was finished, if we wanted decent water pressure.

My dad passed away almost twenty-eight years ago, he was only sixty-two. I was a child. I was only fourteen years old. And my mom was only fifty when she became a widow. So much has happened in these past years. And when I feel sad, I always think about all the milestones he missed out on sharing with us. But until the other day, I never thought about how much the world changed since 1988, and how much he missed out with technology.

Time is a funny thing. Twenty-eight years is a lifetime. My dad is gone two times as many years as he was with me, and I miss him every single day… Today would have been his birthday. His ninetieth birthday…


Daddy, I love you…IMG_0317

21 thoughts on “Sometimes it is the little things…

  1. Yes, I remember those days & how frustrating I found his watering routine to be. But, now, I wish he was still here doing that watering. Hope he has a happy birthday among all his friends and relatives who are no longer with us.

    1. Loretta – I know…Isn’t it sad how sometimes the things that annoy us the most we miss the most.. I am sure he was “eating” like a king up there…

  2. Oh sweetie I am so sorry I missed this! I love the imagery you created about your Dad, I can picture him with the sprinkler (((hugs))) My Dad was born in Brooklyn (and raised there!) and I was born in Long Island! xoxoxoxo Your Dad would be so proud of you!

    1. Caren – thanks… He loved his sprinkler… I forgot about your dad being born in Brooklyn, but I will never forget you are originally a LI girl!

  3. Beautiful.
    My husband is lawn obsessed too. I don’t get it – it’s just grass and like Nature will take care of herself??? LOL
    But, then again I also am the woman who has cereal bowls, mixing bowls, salad bowls, dessert bowls… whereas he just sees “bowls.” ha. so I guess we all need our little obsessive quirks.

    1. Rorybore – but you NEED all those bowls. Just like I need 47 varieties of wine glasses 🙂

  4. Such a sweet post. I feel so lucky that my dad is still alive and with me. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to lose a parent, nor do I want to.

    And that was a great opening to this post! I had no idea where you were going – until you got there. Time really does pass by quickly. It’s lovely that you have such sweet memories of your father, even if he died while you were still young.

    1. Mandy – thanks so much! You are very lucky to not know what it is like to lose a parent. I hope you don’t find out for at least 50 more years!

  5. Beautiful!
    You don’t know how much I relate to your post, your feelings. My dad passed away 21 years ago now. I think about him so often and I regret very much that he never met my husband – among other things.
    The view out your window is great already and will be gorgeous once the grass is there.

    1. Claudia – thanks. I’m sorry you lost your dad so long ago too. It is so strange to think of time, and all that happens… I do feel like they are always with us, and “meet” those close to us, but I wish it was different…

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