Something Yellow

Something Yellow

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Holly left her Virginia mountain home town thirteen years ago to begin a new life in Atlanta.  She tried to escape her past, and the memories that haunted her, by throwing  herself into her career.   Her work-a-holic ways seemed to be doing the trick until the banking crisis hit and Holly found herself back at home, unemployed, assisting her dying mother.

But that was the good part….

A local nine year old girl disappeared without a trace soon after Holly returned home.  This wasn’t the first time a nine year old disappeared in this town.  Thirteen years earlier Holly’s sister, Rachel, also vanished.  There was only one suspect in Rachel’s disappearance, Holly’s boyfriend, Houston.  And guess who just happens to be back in town…

Something Yellow by Laura Templeton,  is a wonderful book that keeps you at the edge of your seat. I immediately fell in love with Holly.  I was able to understand her emotions, motivations, and fears – especially with respect to Houston.  All the supporting characters were well developed (so much so I hope that there is a sequel in the works).

There were a lot of twists and turns in the plot.  I love that the story wasn’t predictable.  I felt a wide range of emotions as I read.  I even cried a little….

If you are looking for a fast read, this book isn’t for you.  Throughout the novel, the author writes long, descriptive, clever sentences – using very figurative language.  (Example – when talking about the cold – “which crept in like a cat through the farmhouse’s cracks and crannies.”  Initially this turned me off.  I am used to doing everything fast… But as I read I started to fall in love with Ms. Templeton’s way of writing.  I got excited when she used one of these expressions.  I admired her creativity.   There was also something so homey about these expressions. I felt like I was really in the mountains of Virginia having coffee with a lifelong friend…

I completely recommend this book!

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    1. Rorybore – it took me a while to get used to the descriptive writing but I ended up loving it. You should try to check this one out!

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