Sneak peak! Mom Genes!

Sneak peak! Mom Genes!

Mom Genes, my fifth novel, will be published on March 24th. The early reviews have been fabulous!!! I wanted to share a sneak peak… Here is chapter one!


To: Claire Conroy

From: Mia Montgomery

Date: 11/10 @ 3:24 PM

Subject: I hate to be the bearer of bad news

Hey Claire!

I know things went a bit too far last summer. The girls worked out their issues months ago. Why can’t the moms? Dumb question – LOL! Everyone knows the mommies of Forest River Elementary School students behave way worse than their kids any day! And when they go to battle…

I’m sorry your personal life is now under attack. You deserve much better, my friend! You should be enjoying this exciting time. New love is the best! I worry about you, though. How you are going to survive another five years at this crazy school is beyond me. I’m so glad I don’t have a first grader in the house and both my kids will be in the middle school come fall.

I shouldn’t be forwarding you this email. But you know me, I care about you, and I don’t want you to be hurt. You have a right to know what Donna is saying behind your back. Hopefully, this message was meant only for me. But there is always a chance she’s mass-blasting her pack of lies to anyone who has a child at the school. I hope not…. Also, is there any truth to what she wrote? Come on, Claire, you can confide in me.



PS – We have to arrange a dinner date one of these days. I’m dying to get to know your handsome Jake a bit better. How about next Saturday?


To: Claire Conroy

From: Donna Warren

Date: 11/10 @ 3:19 PM

Subject: FW: Gearing up for the holidays at Forest River Elementary

Hi Mia,

Seriously, I don’t know how I can stand another seven more months of this term! I’m SO sick and tired of being told what to do and how to act from the high and mighty members of the Forest River PTA. Will they ever stop?!?!

The latest email from Claire Conroy and the crew put me over the edge! I guess there wasn’t anything wrong with what she wrote about Thanksgiving, but I take offense to being ordered how to behave by someone like her!

I hate to gossip, but I finally learned the TRUTH about what happened between Claire and Kevin… He FINALLY came to his senses and ditched her! Good for him, I say!!! How it took so long for a smart guy like him to realize what we all knew for YEARS baffles me. But I guess her stupid plan of trying to hide in plain sight worked. She got away with it for years! Well, her gig came to an abrupt end right after they returned from Italy! Kevin canceled a golf game and came home unexpectedly. Poor guy picked up the house phone to order a pizza and overheard her telling her cousin (you know the relationship blogger in Kentucky) about her feelings for Jake! Kevin hightailed it out of the house so quickly, her head spun. Finally, Jackie Martin’s pawn is getting what she deserves. But I do feel so sorry for Claire’s children… And for Kevin, of course… The poor guy, finally realizing the truth about his wife and his college best friend…so sad!

Don’t tell anyone I told you the truth. As I said, I don’t want to gossip.

Kindest regards,


PS – in case you need proof, here is a picture of Kevin moving out of their house! 


I SLAMMED MY LAPTOP SHUT with so much force I woke up my nine-year-old Golden Retriever, Roxy. I knew I shouldn’t take my rage and frustration out on the poor device, but I couldn’t help it. 

I was so sick and tired of the petty parental politics that plagued my town. I was exhausted from always putting on an act. I spent my days and nights consumed with which woman I could trust, and which would turn on me the first chance they had. It was draining. I had joined the PTA years ago, in the hopes my coveted role would keep the vultures away. Little had I known it made me more of a target. Many nights, I laid awake in bed, wondering if I should pack up my family and start over somewhere else. But would things be any different?

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4 thoughts on “Sneak peak! Mom Genes!

  1. Loved it so much!!! I really loved that the ladies took the high ground when dealing with that bully – how they all supported one another through the difficulty and let karma take care of it lol. Well done lady!! xx

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