Sixth Sense

Sixth Sense

As most pet owners are, my husband, Marc, and I am very in tune to our cat, Alex’s, health and needs.  Since Alex is a senior cat, over seventeen years old, and had to have his tail amputated last summer as a result of cancer, we get very concerned if he doesn’t act normally.  We worry if he has changes in his behavior, especially if the change is related to his eating.


A couple of weeks ago, Alex attacked his breakfast on a Friday morning, with a vengeance.  Marc and I were delighted.  We feel that if he eats with a robust and enthusiastic appetite it must mean he is feeling fine.  But, when nighttime fell, uncommonly Alex had no desire for dinner.  Marc and I weren’t too concerned at first.  We figured that he was still full from breakfast.  We were positive that when we woke up the next morning all this food would be gone.


It wasn’t.  Alex didn’t eat a bit overnight.


We gave him breakfast on Saturday morning, and he had no interest.  He barely even went over to his bowl.  Thinking he needed an incentive, we prepared him a fresh bowl of pure fancy feast omitting the prescription food that we normally mix in.  Usually plain fancy does the trick, but not this time.  He had no interest in eating.


We didn’t want to jump to conclusions, so we figured we would wait to see what happened during the rest of the day.  We were hopeful that by dinnertime, Alex’s appetite would have returned with a vengeance.  It didn’t.


“Should we bring him to the vet in the morning?” I asked Marc.  “Do you think he is sick?”


“I don’t know,” Marc answered.  “I hate to rush him over there for nothing.  At his age, the stress of the car ride can be just as bad for him.  I’ll call my cousin tomorrow and see what he says.  And besides, maybe we will get lucky and Alex will eat tonight or in the morning.”


He didn’t.  So, as early as we were able, Marc called his cousin, the vet who lives in Florida.  Marc’s cousin treated Alex for most of his life before he moved out of town.  And even though he now lives a plane ride away, he still is able to diagnose Alex’s conditions remotely.   We credit Alex’s live being saved last summer to his diagnosis. He is an amazing vet, who loves animals.


As soon as Marc called him, and Alex heard him say “hello” it was as if Alex knew who Marc was speaking with.  He must have sensed that his “uncle” was going to suggest us bringing him to the doctor if he didn’t eat.  As Marc explained the situation, Alex made his way to his food bowl and began to eat his breakfast.  I swear he had a look in his eyes that said – if you think you are taking me anywhere, you got another guess coming!


I am always amazed at what animals can sense, aren’t you?

39 thoughts on “Sixth Sense

  1. Oh Alex, you are one smart kitty cat. But we hope you are all right. You could have just been having a bad day. We do that but when the older ones do that, it is so scary. But good job, getting out of that vet visit. Animals do know what is going on. Hope all of you have a great weekend.

    1. Marg – you are right… I think he just had a bad day… he snapped out of it pretty quickly, and didn’t have to go to the dreaded V-E-T

    1. Florida Furkids – I know, I know.. I shouldn’t play games like this… but watching those two get crazy is so much fun…XOXO Alex

    1. Brian – Give Gracie big smoochies from me too.. I did eat, because I knew that she would be upset and worried if I was sick! I LOVE my fiance!!! XOXO Alex

  2. Alex, we’re glad you decided to eat and didn’t have to go to the vet. Please don’t scare your beans, though! But sometimes we all have an “off” day, or a bit of a cold and feel run down, or a hairball….something. Paws crossed you’ll be fine now.

    1. Fuzzy Tales – I probably had an “off day”, because I snapped right out of my funk… But it is fun to make my beans a little crazy – very entertaining… except for when they turn the tables on my fun and start talking about a trip to the v-e-t…UGH! Not cool! XOXO Alex

    1. Random – I know… Going to the v-e-t is for the birds! I am lucky (most times) that I have an uncle how is a vet. Although it isn’t so much fun when he visits. Why he thinks it is an invitation for an exam is beyond me… XOXO Alex

    1. Pussy Parent – Happy ICLW! Isn’t it amazing how smart they are.. I was always a dog girl… and I am still amazed at how smart felines are… and sly…

  3. Alex, you are very wise to know when the staff is talking about the vet, and to behave accordingly!

    1. William – your comment made my mommy crack up… It was a close call, let me tell you.. I just wanted to punish the staff a little for their poor performance.. I didn’t expect them to re-TAIL-iate! XOXO Alex

    1. Kathy – Could you imagine what Marc and I would be like if we had kids???? I think we would be institutionalized!

    1. Silver – he is a trip, isn’t he? I think that he is fine, because after that day, his appetite returned full force…

  4. Hi Hilary!
    Thanks for stopping by to take a look at my peppered friend, Pepper, today! So sorry it took so long to read your blog posts but I will try to be better from now on.
    What a funny cat Alex is! When he walked over to the food bowl he reminded me of what kids do when their mom is on the phone….they always tap their mom on the shoulder or do something to attract her attention. How great that his “uncle” could be of help from so far away!

    1. April – don’t be silly… read when you can… blogging is supposed to be fun… Alex is so like a little kid or like a little man… He so knows what is going on, at all times. We are really lucky that Marc’s cousin is a vet… if not for his advice with Alex’s tail and amputation last summer, I don’t know if Alex would still be here…

  5. I am so glad he ate and yeah, they do have that sixth sense don’t they? It is funny to listen to cat owners, I always hear stories how cats hate the car, dogs, love to go ‘bye bye’, they don’t necessarily love it when they realize the destination, when you pull up to the vet’s parking lot but they love the car ride!!

    1. Lucy – there is something about cats… they are just really smart. I was a dog girl, and always thought that dogs were the smart ones, but was I wrong… Alex senses everything. He knows if we are thinking of bringing him to the vet, going on vacation… He also senses if we are going out to dinner rather than staying home with him… it is pretty wild!

    1. Jade – I agree.. I think if we rushed him to the vet, it would have made it worse. He is 17 years old, so the stress couldn’t be good for him. He is a very sweet and snuggly man…

    1. Inner chick – Kim, fortunately he is fine… he started eating right after… He just gave us a fright… but, yes, he is 17 – can you believe it? I can’t!!! He is a sweet special boy, one who got nicer and friendlier in his old age (or maybe he got a little senile)

  6. Whew!!!! Thank goodness Alex ate and I am hoping that he is continuing to eat.

    That story reminded me of Cody and his poop!!! At one point during the poop saga I was talking to the vet about bringing Cody in again if he didn’t poop…sure enough…he heard me on the phone and had a major poop-fest!

    1. Caren – Yes, fortunately he just gave us a scare… his appetite returned! Oh, I remember Cody and his poop-fest.. I swear, they know when we are talking about them, and they know if they don’t spring in to action, they have a C-A-R ride to the V-E-T in their futures….

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