Signs, Signs, everywhere there is signs…

Signs, Signs, everywhere there is signs…

We say things. We hope they are true, but do we know?


I like to think that when someone passes away they don’t just disappear. Instead they go on to another place, another dimension, or in the case of a pet, The Rainbow Bridge.


It helps to ease your sadness, your pain, and your longing for those you loved and lost by thinking they are still with you and watching over you.


We had to put our beloved cat, Alex, to sleep a little over a year ago.  There isn’t a day that we don’t think of him and miss him.  Alex was a very lucky creature, not only was he loved by his family, he found the woman of his dreams, Gracie, on the internet.  Alex didn’t only find love, he found a second family and got himself a brother-in-law who was also his very best friend, Brian.

As many of you know, Brian hasn’t been feeling well for the last few weeks. I have been emailing his dad for updates. I have often told him that I know that Alex is looking down at his buddy, Brian, and sending him good healing vibes.


But those were just words.


Words to make me and Brian’s family feel better….


Or so I thought.


Whenever we took Alex to the vet, which was quite often towards the end,  we played James Taylor in the car.  We called it his travel music. Something about James calmed Alex down.  Needless to say whenever we hear James we think of Alex.


As I sat at my desk, I saw Terry, Brian’s dad, emailed me an update. Itunes was playing in the background.  And as soon as I started to read the email, James Taylors, You’ve Got A Friend, started playing….


Later in the day, Terry emailed me back.  Again, as I read his email, another James Taylor’s song, Carolina in my Mind, played.


And there was no doubt in my mind that Alex was sending me a message, as well as a message to his best friend in North Carolina….


42 thoughts on “Signs, Signs, everywhere there is signs…

  1. Yes, yes, yes, I could feel the love, not only from Alex, but from all over the world. I am feeling much better and we’re hoping it stays that way this time. Thanks Hilary, we all love you too! Howdy pretty Lucy!!!

    1. Beth Ann – I love that song – and the ironic part of the story is that Brian lives in North Carolina (I don’t think I mentioned that)

  2. Our pets may pass on, but the love we shared never dies.
    That is comforting. We think Alex is still sending his love.
    We too are happy Brian is doing better.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger, JJ and Julie
    and the mom

  3. Hilary, I absolutely believe in something after this life.

    My bird, Sam, died almost three years ago at age 21. When he was still alive, I would observe him engaging in some odd behavior, as if he were interacting with someone or something I couldn’t see.. Sometimes, the exchange would be pleasant for him; other times, he’d be defensive.

    Animals and birds can see and sense things humans can’t. I have no doubt Sam saw someone from the other side.

    1. Norma – I completely agree with you… I think animals like young children see things that us adults block out…

  4. I haven’t really ever thought about this in terms of our pets but I do believe that our loved ones watch over us in a way. Every time I see a butterfly I think of my grandma and for some reason always look up at the skies…

    1. Susi – i love that butterflies remind you of your grandmother – I see the brightest star in the sky and think of my dad…

  5. My literal and scientifically-minded human is what you would call a “rainbow bridge atheist.” But she does believe in signs nevertheless, and they’re always wonderful when they come through.

  6. The signs are all there, we just have to have our minds open to receive them. I also think of Eric every day and shed a tear for him most days, but I know he is close by.
    I got home from a cruise today and the usual art gallery was there where we walk through towards the restaurant. They often have paintings of the Rainbow Bridge with dogs. They had them again this cruise. On the 19th I was feeling particularly sad as it was 7 months since Eric left us. We walked past the paintings as usual and they had put a new one up. It was the Rainbow Bridge with cats. The cat in the front was ginger and white. I am sure Eric was letting me know that he was still with me even when we are on holiday.

    1. Flynn – I just got chills when I read this… I am sure that it was Eric sending you a sign…. You are so right.. Signs are everywhere we just have to allow ourselves to see them..

  7. There are no coincidences, so indeed that was a sign from Alex that he is there and clearly expressing that thought. Keeping a good eye on everything from up high. I believe there is more, more than we can ever know on this earth about things we cannot see or hear or touch. But they are there and stay as close as we need…and for myself it gives me great solace to believe that one day there will be a great reunion and no more tears will ever be shed.

    1. angel Abby – I feel the same way. I don’t believe in coincidences. And I do feel that we will once again be reunited with everyone we love

    1. Sometimes – You are right. signs aren’t always obvious… as others said, you have to be open to see them…

  8. It’s been almost exactly a year since we had to say goodbye to our lovely 20-year-old Spidercat… and even though we now have three cats to care for, I still miss her so much. Pets are part of the family!

    1. Laurel – I am so sorry about Spidercat – 20 years old… AMAZING! you are so right… pets are a huge part of the family and while new ones may enter the home, and fill your heart with love, they never erase or take the place of the pets that were there before…

  9. I absolutely believe in the Rainbow Bridge. We have a four-legged baby who turns 10 this November, so he’s getting up in years for a large breed dog. It brings me comfort to know he’ll wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge when he gets there.

    1. Nicole – It does bring you comfort… It makes me feel better to know that we will see our fur babies again…

    1. Darcie – I know you are right… Alex is purring away… And he makes sure James plays just when we need to hear him. it is pretty wild…

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