Seeing is believing

Seeing is believing

The day was endless.  Hours were spent preparing the house for the pending hurricane.  My husband Marc and I were exhausted. Muscles I didn’t know I had hurt.  But, just when we thought we were done, and that the day couldn’t get any worse, we learned we had to evacuate our house.  At that moment, we knew our work only begun, and we had hours of tasks ahead of us.


Needing a break, Marc, my mom who was visiting from out of town, and I headed to a local restaurant for dinner.  As my mom and I chatted, Marc fidgeted a little with his phone.


“I don’t believe it!” Marc exclaimed, never removing his eyes from his phone’s screen.


“Huh?” I asked.


“The weather report… Why are they making such a big deal about this storm on TV?  Why are we evacuating?  Look at this,” he said as he handed me the phone.  “It doesn’t look bad at all!”


I glanced at the report that was displayed on the phone, and saw what he saw.  Clearly, they only called for a slight chance of isolated thunderstorms. 


“You are right,” I replied. “The weather looks pretty good, considering.”


“So, what is all the fuss about?  It probably won’t even rain!”


“You are right. It probably won’t rain, in FLORIDA, but we are in New York now.”


Perplexed, Marc took back his phone and saw what I noticed right away.  He never switched the site back to New York following our trip to Florida the week before.


It is so easy to take technology for granted.  Have you done so lately?

24 thoughts on “Seeing is believing

  1. I think because we’re all so connected to our devices now that we get a little lazy about certain aspects of them. Personally, I wish I could go without them but I am too tied to their usefulness now.

    1. Claire – I so agree with you… I have had a smart phone, with my office emails on it, for years and years now (way before it was fashionable) and I feel the same way. I wish I could give my technology a break. I used to think it made me more productive, however, now I am not so sure….

  2. Oh dear! Well spotted Hilary! 🙂

    I try very hard not to rely on all things techy but it does get me very lazy!

    Take care

    1. Old Kitty – I am still a little shocked I found it… I am usually not that good… But you are right… all this technology does make us very lazy….

  3. I don’t have too many techy toys, just the laptop and now the pre-paid cell phone that I despise. But I can imagine it would be easy to forget to update your location/settings when travelling!

    1. Fuzzy Tales – you are my hero… I wish I could loose some of my techy toys… I used to love them, but now, sometimes they feel so confining… Usually we are pretty good about changing settings back when we travel, so, I don’t know why this time, neither one of us did (my phone was also set wrong!) I guess there was too much going on at the time…

  4. I don’t have a smart phone, so I don’t depend on it for ANYTHING, not even phone calls.
    We’ve come to call The Weather Channel the The Liar Channel. Half the time it never does what they say it’ll do in my area. I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a valley or what, but if it’s suppose to rain, it usually doesn’t.
    I guess you can’t underestimate the weather during something like this. If they say evacuate, then I guess you have to evacuate and take their word that a major typhoon is on it’s way.

    1. Irene – I am pretty skeptical about the weather reports too…. I try to only believe what I want to believe, because, like you, the reports are usually wrong (and that way I feel like i can try to will the weather to change 🙂 However, I got to admit, lately, where I live, the weather guys are doing a much better job….and have been pretty accurate….

  5. I keep my nose to about a dozen different weather forecasters during Hurricane Season, and it amazes me how vastly different they interpret the weather patterns. But I have learned a lot, and some “amateurs” are actually better at it than “professionals”! But I also see it’s like reading tea leaves, so I don’t hold their forecasts against them. Meteorology is still in it’s infancy!

    1. Abby – I joke how the reporters are usually wrong, but lately, they have been pretty right on… I am still amazed at how they do it… Especially during a big storm… Marc is always tuned into weather reports, and I pretty much ignore them. I really don’t know why…. I think your tea leave analogy is a great one! very true!

    1. Debby – it was hard, but we went to my cousin’s and despite it all had a great time! Marc was even able to watch videos of me as a 9 year old dancing with my dad!

  6. Ha! Today I was driving and talking on the phone with a friend (bad I know!) I couldn’t hear him too well so I turned up the volume on my car stereo, which wasn’t on.

    ….as if that would work?

    Melina from The wilder coast

    1. Melina – OMG, that sounds like something I would do…. And then I would look at the dial in disbelief wondering why it didn’t make him louder… It probably would have taken me a couple of minutes to realize what I did… I am not too quick sometimes!

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