round and round I go…

round and round I go…

“I’ve got it!” I exclaimed as the excitement got the best of me causing me to increase my speed on the elliptical machine.

“What?” My husband questioned as he peddled on the stationary bike.

“I figured out how to run this contest.”

“Oh, goodie,” he said with no enthusiasm in his voice. Not that I could blame him for his lack of excitement. The poor guy just spent the last hour of his life answering “so what do you think questions” only to have me dismiss all his ideas.

Not to be deterred I babbled on… “So I am going to launch it on Thanksgiving. That way I am off from work and can actually try to promote it. I think I will skip the blog hop this week and leave the giveaway up a few days. After all, no one will be hoping anyway. It’s Black Friday after all. Oh, and I am going to do separate rafflecopters for each book. It’ll be way more work for me but this way only someone who wants to read the book can win. I don’t want to have people giveaway books that someone may not want to win. That would be crazy. So, what do you think?”

He put down his IPad and signed. “What do I think? Do you think I can follow any of that? Hell, I don’t think you can even follow it anymore.”

I hate to admit when he is right….

25 thoughts on “round and round I go…

  1. Sounds like a plan that might work! I for one am not going to be doing any hopping or blogging for that matter. In fact, I’m taking Thursday – Sunday off to spend it with the family. 😀 Good luck on the book giveaway and if you need someone to help promote your book,then I’ll be happy to this for you. Have a blessed Thanksgiving, my friend!

    1. Brian – well if anyone can it would be her… she definitely has the brains (and the beauty) of this bunch

  2. Oh Dear! I work tons and tons so when I have a little bit of off time, I tend to look at and read blogs more, including hopping around. You can only have so much of shopping, eating, etc before it’s time to do a little computer time. It will probably all come together as things you do always seem to!

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