Road Rage

Road Rage

At the red light, at the exit of my office’s parking lot, I slowly edged out a little bit, trying to see if I could make a right turn onto the main road.   The road was packed with bumper to bumper traffic.  I made eye contact with the driver who was stuck where my traffic light was.  He was unable to clear it due to the congestion.  I didn’t expect the driver to be gracious and let me pass.


I didn’t move my car any further.  I didn’t try to get in. Instead, I patiently waited.  As I reached for the car radio, the passenger of the car got my attention.  “We are not letting you in,” he said.


“Um, OK,” I replied.  I never thought that he was going to.


The passenger continued while pointing ahead, “We can’t let you in, we let THAT guy in.  We can’t let you in TOO! I am sure someone else will let you in.  SORRY!” and then he rolled up his window.


Now, I was angry.  Don’t get me wrong.   I didn’t care about waiting for the light. After all, what was it going to be, five minutes of my life?  What got me mad was the fact that he had to explain to me that he wasn’t letting me in and why, and then apologize. 


What was the point?  He wasn’t going to get very far, very fast regardless of if he let a car in front of him, or not.  There weren’t any other cars behind me trying to get in, so it wasn’t like he would be making room for a never ending precession of vehicles.  And telling me that someone else would let me in?  The nerve!  He obviously knew he wasn’t being nice, and he obviously felt bad about it.  So why was he doing it then?  If he just did what he felt was right in the first place, he could have saved himself the apology.


And this is one of my biggest pet peeves.  When someone does something wrong, or makes a mistake, like we all do, why can’t we be honest with ourselves and others and admit it?  Why do excuses need to be made?  Why do we say thing that we know are going to hurt someone?  Does anyone really think by saying, “No offense, but,” that the statement is really going to less offending?  I personally find it to be the contrary.  If someone has to preface their statement by saying, “No offence, but,” I know I am about to be offended by someone who knows exactly what they are doing.


What drives you crazy?

46 thoughts on “Road Rage

  1. That’s when you just want to ram the dudes vehicle. To explain to someone why you aren’t letting them in is just asinine. I mean you must have been practically kissing his car for him to even do that.

    1. Blue Eyes – I so did want to ram him… and the crazy thing was, he was so close to my car because he was so busy fighting to make sure he went through the intersection, despite the traffic, that he was stuck there… UGH!

  2. Anything about driving short distances makes me crazy. I do much better on longer highway trips than I do in short trips around town where things like that are more likely to happen. I agree with blueyes ^^, what that guy did to you would make me want to ram his car!! Maybe he was one of those people who likes to hear himself speak?

    1. Jennifer – I agree with you… I don’t mind driving highways at all.. It is the small roads that people are crazy…. I don’t know why everyone is so insensitive… and inconsiderate of others… that guy was crazy…. I still don’t understand why he felt the need to explain to me… UGH!

    1. Loretta – I do know what you would have done, but how I hoped you would have changed your evil ways, especially after that time the crazy man got out of his car in retaliation!

  3. Yep, I hate “no offense, but” comments. My other pet peeve is “I don’t mean anything by this but …” Uh, yes, you do or you wouldn’t feel a need to explain yourself.

    1. Pip – What about “I don’t want to throw you under the bus, but” That is another winner… Not only again, to they mean to offend you, it is an aweful example!

    1. Silver – I know! And, to make your peeve worse, what about when they then drive very, very slow… That makes me crazy too… They are in such a rush to cut you off, and then they creep by…

  4. But you have to laugh at someone who takes the time to roll down the window, just to tell you that he has no time to pause for a moment to let you in!

    1. Kirsten – it was pretty funny…. And he was so serious about the explaination…. I think that is why I didn’t get too mad… I was too busy laughing at him…

  5. That makes no sense to us. Either let you in or just continue on your way.

    Our mom’s from the east coast of Canada (though now lives in Ontario) and drivers there were typically polite–heavy traffic meant one-on-one, it was just an unwritten rule of the road. Someone lets you in, you let someone in and so on down the line.

    In this part of Ontario? Uh, not so much. The mom’s glad she no longer has a car. LOL.

    1. Fuzzy Tales – I live in NY… do I need to say more? If I was your mom, I’d be glad I didn’t have a car either, but where I live, if you don’t, you pretty much can’t get anywhere…

  6. That guy is a classic case of passive aggressive – the type I totally have no respect for. They know they are in the wrong yet pass on the guilt trip to the innocent party – or absolve their guilt by lame excuses. Grrrrrr!!

    Take care

    1. Old Kitty – You are so right… I didn’t even make the passive aggressive connection… you nailed it… he absolved his guilt by a lame excuse… after all, he DID let the other guy in 🙂

  7. So true. People do the same thing here, too. I guess it makes them feel better or something. By the way, you are right on target with your observation about people who preface things with “No offense.” Usually they are the ones who offend people left and right. 😀

    Happy Halloween, friends!

    1. Meowmeowmans – i guess when they use those prefaces they are trying to convience themselves they are being nice… but, seriously, are the only ones who believe that? Hope you had a great halloween too!

  8. Isn’t it funny how something like that can just tick you off??? Royally??? I let someone in line one time and unbeknownst to me followed them to a local coffee drive thru. And guess what?? They paid for my coffee!!! When I got up to order and pay the dude told me that the guy in the car ahead of me paid for mine because I had let him in traffic. Now THAT is good “carma”. Everyone should share it!!! Have a better night, Hilary!!!

    1. Beth Ann – he sure did tick me off royally… I still get angry when I think of him.. UGH! But, your story is great! I so believe in Karma… That guy was a great one…but, so were you… I love seeing things get played forward.. and even if nothing else happens, you feel good about yourself when you do the right thing…

  9. I don’t know what happens to people when they get behind the wheel of an automobile.

    1. Abby – I don’t know either, but something sure does, and that something isn’t good… It is like everyone’s inner demons are released as soon as they hit the open road. Add some traffic, and you get insanity!

  10. I’ve never heard of that-someone rolling down their window and explaining the reason why they can’t let you into traffic.
    It’s suppose to be the “every other driver” rule, especially when merging.

    1. Irene – I know… And to make matters worse, he was stuck in the intersection, where he shouldn’t be, because he was so busy making sure that he wouldn’t get stuck for another light… UGH!

    1. Reading Panda – I always wonder if the people who say it believe by doing so they are removing the hurt / sting from their words and not being rude….

  11. what a douche. yesterday I let someone in front of me thinking she needed to be in the left lane since her blinker was on and instead she went slow as molasses and left her blinker on for the next few blocks.

    1. Simplybug – oh, that is ANOTHER one of my peeves… Someone who has to get in front of you to drive like they are going to a funeral…UGH! that is the worst!

  12. I was always taught, if you start statement like, “I don’t mean to be rude…”Then that’s exactly how you’ll come across. So, why make excuses for what you’re doing or saying. Sometimes, I find it’s hard to be anythng else. For instance, if I’m talking to someone I may now say, “This is gonna be rude, I know, but for the lack of not knowing how to put it more gentler…” I find myself making excuses sometimes not because I’m trying to justify or to actually give an excuse, but because I’m embarassed accidental goof or not, you know? Maybe, others feel the same way as that’s why they make excuses like this guy. However, that’s a first time hearing about someone rolling down their window to annouce he can’t let you out and why. That’s very strange. Okay…I rambling here. Hopefully your rage was short lived and soon pushed out of your mind. There are a lot of crazy, rude, and sometimes annoying people out there and 99% of them are on the road at any given point. Just chilax and jam to some tunes like you have no worries!

    1. Cathy – you are so cute… I love your rambling… I like the way you handled an uncomfortable situation. Actually, I think it is great. There are plenty of times, especially with those who are close to use, that we have to be blunt with… and many times that makes us seem rude. I think the way you own your feeling is great… And I think it makes the person who you are talking to understand your point much better… I am going to use that tactic! As for that guy, I didn’t stay angry long… I just kept laughing at him, as I thought he was beyond bizzare!

  13. First if someone is explaining why they are being a total jerk – then my motto is – Karma Baby!! they will end up getting theirs down the line, it might not be today…but it will happen. I always love the way people are in such a rush to get to a red light! I mean seriously!!

    1. Brenda – I so believe in Karma too…..he was such a jerk… he was explaining his “reasons” as to why he couldn’t let me in with such seriousness, he might as well has been explaining nuclear physics! And you are right… he was in a rush to go no where? SIGH!

  14. Otherwise known as “I know I’m being a inconsiderate self centered jerk but if I say I’m sorry then you should not think badly of me” syndrome. I could come up with 100 things that make me crazy when I’m in the car but I realized long ago, until I can afford my own highway system, I need to take a deep breath, make sure I always have something to distract me in the car (radio, something to drink or in rare circumstances – a magazine) and just get over it.

    Of course, I came to that realization after I had already stressed a couple of years off of my life expectancy.

    1. Donna – what are you saying? we can’t own our own highways? Damn… You shattered my dreams! But, you are right… we can’t let these little things bother us or we will make ourselves crazy (or more crazy in my case)…but, sometimes it is hard not to…

  15. I totally get this. Around here it’s “I’m sorry, but”…but what? I’m sorry that I’m not really sorry? Whatever dude. The ‘but’ completely negates the I’m sorry part! And I would tell you what I usually say in return, but I’ve never seen that word on your blog. LOL

  16. That is so strange! I can’t believe they actually explained why they were not letting you in. I mean, you could have just pushed your way in anyway, people do that to me all the time when I’m totally absent minded and don’t notice them trying to edge in. I can’t believe they apologized! That is annoying!!

    1. Rachel – I know…. You are right…If I wanted to, I could have gotten in there, but I didn’t try. I just sat back & played with my radio. He had no worries that he was in jeopardy of losing his precious spot on the crowded road… UGH! But, the fact that he had time to explain this to me, and was close enough for me to hear him, just proves he wasn’t going anywhere anyway, with or without letting me in, and that he was too far in the intersection in the first place!

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