Reason 47562 I hate help…

Reason 47562 I hate help…

Two weeks ago:
“Oh my God!” I exclaimed as I grabbed my head in my hands. “I have so much to do and I don’t even know where to start.” I started to nervously rattle off my to-do list to my annoyingly calm husband.

“Why don’t you give me some stuff to do? I can help you, you know.”

I rolled my eyes. “Like with what?”

“For starters, why don’t you show me how to submit insurance claims? I’ll handle that for you.”

Unenthusiastically I replied, “I guess so.”

Screaming woman. Isolated over white background.
Screaming woman. Isolated over white background.

A week ago:
“So you want to show me how to submit the claim?” My husband asked from across the room as I feverously pounded away on my lap top.
“Nah, I’ll do it later. I am in the middle of something.”

“Just show me. It’ll take a minute and then you’ll never have to worry about it again.”

“Fine,” I reluctantly replied as I forwarded him my doctor’s invoice.

I stood over his shoulder as he navigated to the site and told him the user id. After telling him the password, he started to shake his head. “I don’t like that one for this site. We use it in too many places. We should use a different one.”

“Whatever,” I mumbled as I rushed to get the training completed.
Fifteen minutes later I resumed my place on the couch and my fingers flew over my keyboard.

“What college did you go to?” My husband called across the room.
Five minutes after I provided him with the answer he asked, “What was your childhood best friend’s name?”

“What’s with all the questions?”

“Just changing the password…”

Five minutes later he exclaimed, “Done!” I made a face as he told me the new password. I was annoyed I once again had to stop what I was doing to jot it down in my notes.

Four days ago:
“Do you have the bill from the doctor?” My husband asked as a big smile spread across his face.

“I’ll submit it for you. I know how to do it now.”

“Ok,” I answered and forwarded it to him. A calmness swept over me that he was going to take care of the mundane task for me, allowing me to do some other needed work.

The calmness ended when the cursing started. “I can’t log in,” he muttered.

“What password are you using?”

When he told me, I buried my face in my hands. “Um, that is the one you didn’t like. You changed it remember. The new one is…”

“I can’t do anything with it now. I am locked out.”

And since it was the weekend, the company was closed.

From Marc @ work
To Hilary @ work
Subject: When you get a chance, call choice care, “maximum logging in tries account locked”

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    1. Mickey – yeah… aren’t I the lucky one (and I edited to remove some more of his “help” because I took pitty on the guy)

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