Random Facts About Me

Random Facts About Me

1.       My husband, Marc, and I almost met a year before we actually met


2.       I live on the beach (the header on my blog is the view from my bedroom window).  I have to pinch myself every morning – I am very lucky.


3.       Marc and I got married on the beach in Aruba.  We had a planned elopement – it was very romantic.


4.       Until I met Marc (and Alex) I hated cats…I was always a dog girl – look at me now. 


5.       My mom is my best friend.  We are very close.


6.       My dad passed away when I was 14.  He had a massive stroke. I was alone with him when it happened.  He lived three weeks and three days afterwards.


7.       I am very driven, which also makes me very obsessive…


8.       I am a CPA and work as a CFO for MHW, Ltd – a beverage alcohol company. (not the typical job for the creative type)


9.       I have an unhealthy addiction to denim… Oh, and add shoes to my addiction list while you are at it please…Last count I had over 50 pairs of shoes and 30 pairs of jeans!


10.   Fortunately Marc had a huge closet when he met me.  Unfortunately for him, he gave most of the room to me, and then when I outgrew it, he enlarged it for me by removing his office.  Is he the best or what?


11.   I am stubborn, but I have no problem admitting when I am wrong


12.   I am my own worst enemy


13.   I am a klutz… I walk into walls and fall off my shoes (flats too – not only the skyscraper heels)


14.   I make a mean chocolate chip cookie (my secret – I use chopped up pieces of Godiva chocolate)


15.   I love to laugh, and find humor in the every day


16.   I used to be a very shy and quiet girl….But, wow, did that ever change (sometime in my early twenties). There is not one trace of that girl anymore


17.   I am a righty, but I can also write with my left hand. When I was little, I also taught myself how to write with my foot. Strange, huh?


18.   Until about ten years ago, I never exercised at all. Now, I exercise every day…. Every morning, while I brew coffee, I do either sit-ups or light weights. Then, before I leave for work, I do at least twenty minutes of cardio.


19.   I am the worst singer imaginable. When I was a waitress, I would get tipped extra not to sing happy birthday! I used to be a great drawer, but I haven’t drawn in years, so I don’t know if I still can draw.


20.   I have written a book and I am in the editing process (hit it relates to #1)

23 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me

  1. I love your closet! First of all it’s neat and organized. Then the size – wowsers! What an awesome hubby. I love your beach view. I’m not a beach person myself (don’t like all that sand) but I appreciate the beauty of it. Of course that could be partially because our closest beach is Galveston and let’s be honest – the Gulf of Mexico? not exactly awe inspiring. I enjoyed getting to know you a tad bit better. Thanks for participating!

    1. Elizabeth – this was such a fun idea… I am so glad Suzie came up with it… My closet is an amazing place (my favorite room of the house) but it isn’t as organized as it looks (well my side at least)

  2. Love your list. So very sad about your father though I know it was years ago. Numbers 15 & 16 are exactly me. Number 17 is fascinating! I could go on and on because I think half your list could be mine.

    1. Suzie – that is what I love most about these lists… seeing how much we all have in common… It was very hard losing my dad at such an early age, but…. And 17 – pretty cool, huh? I was a strange kid… I saw a TV show about someone who lost their arms and had to use their feet to write. I decided I should practice just in case 🙂

    1. Nelle – thanks so much. I am having a blast working on it, I just wish I had more time to devote to the project

    1. karen – I know.. I am extremely lucky with where I live, but mostly with my luck in the husband department….

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    1. Ellen – thanks so much! The cookies are amazing. I can’t wait to have a kitchen again so I can make a batch 🙂

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