Quest for Freedom – a tailless cat’s tale

Quest for Freedom – a tailless cat’s tale

Hey! It is Alex!


Whatever am I going to do about my parents? Anything? Can I trade them in for a different model? Are there any returns? Do I have any options, because the dynamic duo is making me nuts! They are behaving themselves this morning (shockingly), but if I see one of them reach for that cone again, I will be forced to take some drastic actions!


It has been a while since I was able to hijack my mom’s blog… I am supposed to be her co-author, but she has been hogging it… sheesh….what is a cat to do?


Well, I am back, and do I have lots to say!


When I was in the “recovery room” my mommy read me all your comments, each and every day. WOW! I didn’t know I had so many friends out there! I was shocked (well, maybe not totally shocked, after all, I am one cool cat – pun intended)… But, my mom sure was blown away!


Having my tail removed wasn’t as hard as it sounds. I don’t even realize it is missing! I think the whole experience was way harder on my mom and dad than me. Well, except for the hospital stay. They had the NERVE to put me in a cage. Can you believe that? What was wrong with my parents? Couldn’t they have sprung for a suite with a tempurpedic pillow or something? Cheapskates! I wanted out of there, and believe me; I made my feelings known… Like my mommy, I am not shy! But, once my parents got me home, I quickly felt better. They did take very good care of me. They literally waited on me hand over paw…


OK, I know… I know… You are saying “Besides being penny pinchers, your parents did well, so why do you want to trade them in?” I am getting to that…


After being in the recovery room for ten days, in a cone no less, they brought me home after my stiches were removed and let me free… I was able to roam throughout the house once again without that pesky cone. I was in heaven! I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


But, then leave it to my parents to spoil my fun (like always!) They had my uncle the vet come over last week, and stay at MY house for a few days. And then they had the NERVE to ask him to look at my paw that I was licking and biting at and making bleed. And he was DUMB and told them they had to cone me again. And then, my STUPID parents listened to him! I had to walk around in a cone, again! Come on, people! Give a cat a break!


They kept me in that thing until Thursday night. But, I didn’t cooperate easily. No sir! I made then work for the coning… They would give me cone free breaks, and as soon as I knew they were planning on putting me back in that contraption, I would make a run for it. You should have seen those two sillies chasing me around the house. I need to learn how to record a video, and post it! You cats would get a few laughs for sure! If you thought these videos were good, you ain’t seen nothing compared to what my parents would lookl like!


My other trick was pulling the old “I am thirsty card”. You know how I like fresh water, right? Well, as soon as one of my parents coned me, I would jump up to a sink, and start calling them. They thought I was thirsty, and would remove the cone so I could have a drink. They aren’t too quick, those two. They fell for my trick every single time!


But these were all temporary fixes. I needed something permanent. It might have taken me a week, but I outsmarted them yet again. I figured out that if I had a hairball that landed in my cone, I would have to really clean my face. Not to mention make them feel horrible. So I did it! When they got home from work and saw how irritated I made my face after my cleaning, they had no choice but to remove my cone so my face could heal. I have been cone free ever since…. But they are still watching me like hawks. So, again, I ask, does anyone know what I can do about these two?


42 thoughts on “Quest for Freedom – a tailless cat’s tale

  1. Hey Alex, Sister Gracie said to tell you that she will come over and keep an eye on them for you, she is pretty good at that early warning thingy!!!

    1. Brian, Excellent! I can use the help, and since I am felling better, i can use some quality time with my girl, if you get my drift 😉 Alex

  2. Oh Alex, we are so glad to finally hear from you. You have been through it. We will gladly come over and give those humans a good whap and get rid of that darn cone. You sure are looking so handsome. We are thrilled that you are doing so well. Try not licking your paw and maybe the cone will go away forever. We are still sending you tons and tons of purrs to get that leg healed up. Take care.

    1. Hi Marg! It is GREAT to be back…. My mom better get ready to share again, because I like being able to speak my mind! Can you REALY come over and give my humans a good slap or two. Maybe that would whip them back into shape….. I am doing good… I realized, I never needed a tail…. But, I can TRY to stop licking my paw so much, but it is hard… It is just too much fun! Thanks for all the healing purrs, I really appreciate it (and so does that silly mom of mine) XOXO Alex

    1. Jan – you are right… Humans are so clueless… so why do they think they are so smart? Oh, humans really need cones too. I think my mom is in for it… my dad is talking about coning her (she has a sympathy lip thing going on)

    1. Madness, Trouble and Squish – THANKS! I am so glad you guys approve. It took a while to come up with my master plan, but I was proud of the results. Those dummies, oops, I mean that mom & dad, fell for it hook, line and sinker… HEE HEE. I am cone free. And i BETTER stay that way… Tail wags and purrs back at you 🙂 Alex

  3. Hi Alex! Way to hijack the blog back from your mom!

    You are such a smart cat, figuring out a solution to that cone situation. Sammy had to wear one for three weeks recently (he had a corneal ulcer, which thankfully is healed now), and he concurs … cones are horrible and despicable things.

    You look GREAT, buddy. We’re glad you’re doing so much better.

    1. Meowmeowmans – poor Sammy! I hope he feels better…. I know what he was going through. Cones stink. But, I have been in one for sooooo long, I have lots of other ideas on how to break free. So, if he (or any of you) need help, just let me know…. I plan on being the harry hudini of cones 🙂 My mom better get used to this hijacking idea, because I missed being able to chat with my buddies! Thanks so much for all your support when I was a sickie… XOXO Alex

  4. Hi Alex – have you thought of leaving your cone on one of their chairs – it could be very interesting if they sat on the pointier end. Purrhaps you aren’t as evil as us!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Alex, you’re looking good!

    I recommend you use their slippers for clawing practice to bring them back in line. And a good suit or two. That’ll teach them. And yes, we know. Vets are evil.

    I find it amusing and gracious of you that you refer to your staff as parents, by the way.

    1. William – Thanks so much! Pretty soon, I will be fully back to full, handsome self…. I like the way you think…. I will take your advice, but, maybe instead of clawing their stuff, I will do something else to it (if you know what I mean)…insert evil purr….

      It is pretty gracious of me that I call them parents. I like to humor them. And besides, the service is better when I make them feel special (oh, I have mastered those two..) I have got them where I want them (pretty much) XOXO Alex

  6. He, Alex! Glad to see you’re on the mend and have outsmarted the humans. You’re looking great in your pictures and it seems your facing is healing, too. That’s great news! Healing purrs continuing and looking forward to the video!

    1. Kaika – outsmarting those two is not so much of an accomplishment… They really aren’t that bright (well compared to me that is…) I am definately on the mend. Soon, I will be my old handsome self. I have to make that video.. It would be great. I hope I don’t need thumbs to do it though….

  7. Alex, we don’t know what to tell you…the two-leggers, while slow, DO have the thumbs and the will to use them. It’s maddening. How about you quit chewing your paw? Drastic, we know. Our Mommy uses Hartz anti-itch spray when we get a little over-zealous with grooming, and it helps us.

    1. Katnip Lounge – I know… Those pesky thumbs… It isn’t fair that we don’t have them too…. I am trying to quit chewing, but it is hard to go cold turkey….Alex
      Trish – thanks for the tip.. I will pick some up….H

  8. Alex, purrsonally, we think having a hairball while wearing your cone was brilliant — and guaranteed to get it OFF. You don’t even need any other kitty’s help. 🙂

  9. You poor kitty! It sounds like your parents are doing what they think is best — I know that’s hard to stomach these days, but they clearly love you lots and lots. Hoping you have a full and speedy recovery!

    1. Jo – yeah, deep, deep, deep down I know you are right, but from my point of view, they can find better ways to show their love (like unlimited fancy feast)… Thanks for youg good wishes XOXO Alex

    1. keisha – now I know I look good… If a pretty lady (who is also a pooch) thinks I look good, then I know I do…. Thanks honey! ALEX

  10. Beautiful Alex!!! It’s great to hear from you!! You are looking very handsome in these pics!! Awww me and Charlie are so sorry that you are still being made to wear the cone thing but we know it’s just very temporary and just till you are all 100% better!!! We hope you get lots of extra yummy treats though!! Yay!!! Take care

    1. Charlie & Jenn – thanks… I am so glad to be back.. I have been away toooooo long…. I have been cone free for a few days, and I BETTER stay like that… or there will be hell to pay. ALEX

  11. Yikes, surgery! Glad to hear you’ve recovered quite well, Alex.
    One of my kitties doesn’t like going into his travel carrier, so he goes and hides under the bed. So far it hasn’t stopped us from putting him in there, maybe he needs some lessons from you.

    1. Heather – have your kitty contact me… I will give him a few pointers.. I don’t travel well either. my parents had to throw out the carrier, because, let’s just say my last trip wasn’t pretty. Now while my dad drives I have to sit on my mom’s lap.. Alex… oh and my mom said happy ICLW!

    1. Island cats – I don’t know… It is just not fair… I feel like i am under house arrest. They watch me like a hawk! 🙂 Alex

  12. Hi Alex!
    We are so glad to see you coneless and I know you are too.
    YOU are looking pawsome. In fact I don’t know how you but you are cuter without that tail.
    Me, I think tails are over rated, but sometimes I think a nice full floofy one would be nice for a day or so, but then I think it would be like having long hair too much upkeep. I definitely prefer my no tail look.
    Your pawrents are doing everything that they can to help, but ya know sometimes they help just a little too much.
    My Mom is the same way.

    1. Abby – thanks… I am so glad to be cone free too…..wonderful, wonderful freedom! I sooooo agree with you, tails are over rateed. What is the purpose anyway? My mommy thinks i look cutier too…. It is funny, she saw my cousin yesterday who also had to have her tail removed, and I think now my mom thinks that all cats should be tail free (or just the special ones like you and me….) Your mom sounds like my mom…. Can we ship them off somewhere so we can have a vacation? I know I need one! XOXO Alex

    1. Hi Auntie Caren! It is good to be back! I don’t like that my mom was such a blog hog! i am trying to go easy on them, but it is hard… They set themselves up for everything I do… They know the rules… Food on demand. Food the way I like it on demand. They can’t go out (except for work, so they can make money to buy the food), and NO CONE. They have not been following the rules… Maybe I need to make a “rules sign” for them…. XOXO Alex

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