Purchase Power

Purchase Power

“So, here is what I am thinking,” my husband Marc said to me one morning, as he pulled papers out of his laptop bag.  “I think we need to replace the shower doors in our bathroom.”


“Why?” I asked.


“Well, they are fifteen years old, and they are not in good condition. I don’t like the way they close, and I think clear glass would be much nicer than the frosted designed glass we now have, don’t you?”


“Yeah, but do we really need to change it? Is it worth it?” I questioned.


“Here,” he said, handing me the papers.  “I cost it out yesterday.”


I looked over the papers.  “Hmm, I thought it would be more, but still.  Does it pay to do?” I asked.  By far, I am the cheaper one of the couple.


“Let’s look at it this way.  We shower every day, right?” 


“Right,” I replied.


“Wait,” he clarified, “You actually shower twice a day, right?”


Again, I answered, “Right.”


“So, don’t we deserve to have the best shower experience possible,” he asked.


“Well, if you put it that way,” I started to giggle.


“Yea, that is the only way to look at it,” Marc answered with a smile.  “It is simply a quality of life adjustment!”


Marc and I both rationalize our purchases…. Do you?

38 thoughts on “Purchase Power

    1. Angie – chuckles… my second is more psychological.. I need to “wash off” they day when I come home from work 🙂

    1. Lisa – I dont justify the water bill but I do justify the electric. I am great at turning on the lights, but not so good about turning them off. My husband likes to joke that I enjoy supporting the electric company 🙂

  1. And my question to you is: Do you justify your shoe purchases the same way??? Haahhahah! Still waiting for the Saturday Shoe post series ……..if I can do teapots you can do shoes!!!

    1. Beth Ann – I sure do… I NEEDED the three pairs of shoes I bought last month, and I REALLY NEEDED the two pairs I bought in FL last week… I really think I am going to do the shoe series.. It will be fun….

  2. He doesn’t procrastinate, does he? You’re very lucky!

    Yeah, we rationalize purchases. He’s the frugal one, I’m all for just go buy it (providing I know we can afford it).

    1. Irene – I am lucky, and he doesn’t procrastinate.. Pretty much as soon as he gets the idea, he orders the item… It makes buying him a present impossible though. I gave up trying.

  3. I remember this comedian once talking about the suggested notion that showering together would save time. He looked skeptical, and said that showering together would lead to things that take up much more time then showering alone.

    1. William – I like the comedian’s way of thinking.. Yeah, you might use up more time, but you would have more fun!

    1. Darcie – I feel the same way… I look at some of the major work we did in the house, and I smile everytime…

  4. O hai! I go sit in the bafroom sometimes. The shower curtain is pretty. We don’t have doors on our shower, but I like to look at the curtain.

    1. Keisha – Shower curtains are pretty, but I am too much of klutz for them… I end up getting water everwhere!

  5. I think it’s a good enough reason to get the bestest shower possible! 🙂

    I always rationalise my purchases! That new pair of shoes? Essential! Nuff said! LOL! take care

    1. Emily – I am so behind with posting… Yes, we got them, and they were installed a couple of months ago… But, like everything, it didn’t go so easy… I will be sharing that tale this weekend 🙂

  6. All the time. It took us months to finally buy a new TV for the living room… with most major purchases we take forever to decide and make sure it’s really worth it and/or needed!!!

    1. Susi – Our problem is we always feel we “need” everything. We just have to come up with creative reasons to support that “need” although usually we end up just going for it…unless it is really crazy, then Alex is the voice of reason…

  7. I loved this conversation. Yeah, you probably wouldn’t agree with the way we do it. It usually goes something like, “I thought it was time, so I did it, deal with it.” My husband, says, “Alright, did you at least try to look for a decent price?” I assure him I did and that is that. I have often been accused of being spoiled LOL
    P.S. large purchases we discuss together, so he thinks LOL

  8. I am for sure the cheap skate in my marriage, but I would definitely have gone for the rationalization on this one. A nice shower experience is definitely worth the cost! Yes, I have been known to rationalize purchases. I think sometimes it’s the only way out of being overly frugal for me.

    1. Karen – rationalization of purchases are always fun. While I am the cheap skate, I am far from cheap, so the reasons Marc and i usually come up with are quite creative and funny to say the least 🙂

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