Party time – the engagement way

Party time – the engagement way

Hey, it is me…  Alex the cat! And I am having a P-A-R-T-Y!!!


Where does time go?  It seems like it was just yesterday I was a nervous wreck working up the nerve to ask the sweet, the beautiful and fun Gracie out on…  You see, as you may already know, I am an older gentleman.  So working up the nerve to ask out this amazing lady was no easy feat for mfortunately my mom convinced me I had nothing to lose by trying, so in a rare moment of clarity I realized she may not be as dumb as she looks so I took her advice.  I would lie and so no nip-tinis were involved, but I digress.


To my shock and amazement Gracie said yes!  Wow, was I a happy man cat.  But I still was nervous.  I had no idea on how to act around a pretty lady like her.  But since my mom so far didn’t steer me wrong, I listened to her and just was myself.   When I say Gracie and I had a magical night, I mean it was AMAZING!  I was on cloud nine and over the moon.


Whoever would have thought this old man cat would find love, but I did….  Of course Gracie and I had lots of fun, but everyone knows a successful relationship involves more than simply the good times, and last summer, our relationship was put to the test.  Gracie was awesome when I had to have my tail amputated.  I was afraid she would think me less of a man cat, but I was wrong.  Not my Gracie.  She made sure to keep a keen eye on me and helped nurse me back to health.  If not for her love, I don’t want to think what would be (oh yeah, my parents also helped).


Then on Valentine’s Day my nervousness returned.  I wanted to take our relationship to the next level.  I knew my love for Gracie was super strong and our relationship would be lasting.  I knew that Gracie was the girl cat for me.  So I did what any guy in mad love would do (and fortunately for me and Gracie) I acted quicker on my feelings than my dad did (your loss dad!) and asked Gracie to marry me…


I am sure you know, she said YES!


And now it is time to celebrate our love and our engagement.  It is party time!!!!


Gracie and I will be having an engagement party on Monday June 11th!  Of course there will be tunie juice cocktails, nip-tinis, a selection of wet and dry food to nibble on (thanks Mr. Chewy! – my favorite place) and music.  I may even get my dad to play his drums…

You are all invited!  Gracie and I would love it if you could participate in our party by offering a toast to us. 


Please email me alex(at)feelingbeachie(dot)com  Any toast or message you would like to share with Gracie and me.  It can be a toast, marriage advice, or a memory.  Gracie and I would love it if you could also send a picture to go with your message, but if you are camera shy, that is cool too.   Please make sure to include your blog address so my assistant can easily link up to your message.


I must receive all messages by Friday June 8, 2012 to include in the party post. 

42 thoughts on “Party time – the engagement way

  1. We sure will think up a great toast to two of our favorite cats. This will be great fun and we are looking forward to the party.. We just have to think of whose picture we will send. Looking forward to all this. Take care.

  2. We had a time figuring out which Gracie you’re going out with since we have a collective short memory. So you and Brian’s sister are having an engagement party. We’re happy for you both.

    1. Jan – sorry… Forgot there are a lot of beautiful feline gracies out there, but yep alex and brian’s sister are the hot number!

  3. Awwwwwww!!! Oh handsome Alex!! How exciting and thrilling for you! Me and Charlie are so so happy you and gorgeous Gracie are having such a fun pawty!! Yay!! Take care

    1. Old Kitty & Charlie – thank you! Gracie and I are so excited! Can’t wait to see all our friends at our party

  4. Concatulations! What awesome news – and it was SO meant to be…our favorite purring friends, the purrfect couple! Best wishes from CindyLu et al!

    1. William – thanks, but don’t worry… I already knew that… after all, I keep hearing my mom remind my dad of that fact ALL of the time… XOXO alex

    1. Inner chick – alex says thank you so much… and his sweet gracie showers him with love and purrs.. they are very romantic… And don’t worry, even though they both have been “fixed” they still practice safely 🙂

  5. Congrats to Alex & Gracie! Before long, you’ll have grandkittens at your feet. What a precious moment that’ll be! Now, how cool is this? Marc plays the drums. Get this, my DH plays the drums, too. Okay, it’s been years since he’s actually played, but when we were dating he played. Unfortunately, we had to pack up his drums & put in storage. Maybe one day when we get into a bigger place we can get them out again. That would be so much fun!

    1. Cathy – I love that DH plays too… I find it so fun to see how many similarities we all have..Marc doesn’t play nearly as much as he should… As for grandkittens, thanks, but no thanks.. I am not so sure I am ready to be a grandmother yet 🙂 although how cute would gracie and alex’s babies be?

  6. Congratulations on your engagement. Tamir and I are so happy to say that we will be attending your party! I am sending you an engagement card. I am not sure of Gracie’s email address so if you could send that would be great.
    Love to all. Looking forward to the party.

    1. Goodness Gracie – Thank you so much for RSVP’ing… I forwarded your card to Gracie’s dad. Alex and Gracie are so happy you and Tamir are going to the party together. You guys make such a cute couple, and can I tell you a secret? I think he is just as sweet on you as you are on him 🙂

    1. Pip – YEAH!!!! I am so happy you can make it… It wouldn’t be a party without you… you are one of my best and first blog buddies!!!! XOXO Alex

    1. Karen Jo – Yeah!!! I am so happy Herman and Spyro are coming… I hear you about lazy mom’s. I popped the question in Feb and I had to wait to now for my mom to get her act together and throw me a party! XOXO Alex

  7. I finally got on the ball and sent something to Alex and Gracie! Sorry it took me awhile !!! I just can’t seem to get my act together!!! 🙂

    1. Beth Ann – don’t feel bad.. I am in the same boat… I don’t know where to start anymore… and am falling so behind on everything..

    1. Angela – I try.. but alex may feel differently… After all I don’t like to wake up at 3:00 AM for his breakfast… he doesn’t understand why not…

  8. Thank you for the invite. We are excited , and honored, to be attending your engagement party. Hmmmmm, a toast or a purr of advice..we will get our thinking caps on. Is this a formal event, or come as you are?

    Your furiends,
    Chloe, Cecil and Winston

    1. Chloe & Cecil – it is definately a come as you are party… Alex takes after his dad and doesn’t like to dress up…

    1. Samantha, Clementine & Maverick – thanks..I am so excited too.. not only am I having an awesome party, look at who my bride to be is! XOXO Alex

  9. I am SO happy for you two. I didn’t reply by Friday, cause I didn’t find out I couldn’t go (thanks, mom) til yesterday. But you two are so in love you deserve a very wonderful time at your party!
    I am sending lots of (((hugs))) and good wishes!

    1. Brandi and Carol – I am so sorry you couldn’t go… But don’t be made at your mom… Maybe you can convience her to let you stop off for a quick nip-tini… Gracie and I are very much in love. I am the happiest mancat alive! XOXO Alex

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