Outside the zone… India…

Outside the zone… India…

I am not a traveler. Sure I go on vacation, but I tend to go to very low-key easy destinations. With the exception of a few Caribbean islands, most of my travel tends to include visits to out of town family and friends.

When I first learned about a potential business trip to India, I was filled with a mix of emotions. A part of me was excited. After all, ever since I did a report on India in the third grade, the country has always fascinated me. But a bigger part of me was filled with dread…


I was worried about the flight… Including layovers it was over twenty hours long. TWENTY HOURS! The longest flight I ever took was from New York to California.

I was worried about the jet lag… The area in India (Chennai) I had to travel to was ten and a half hours ahead of New York. As my good friend joked, I was traveling to the future! I worried that I would be so exhausted I wouldn’t be able to focus on my meetings.

I needed a ton of shots. Fortunately since I had to have allergy shots as a child, shots didn’t bother me. But it was just another thing I had to take care of during an already hectic time…. Since we didn’t have a definite travel date until about a week before we left the states I struggled with juggling everything related to the release and promotion of Plan Bea.

My husband always says to me, “You have gone through a lot of terrible things in your life, some of them actually happened.” And as always, he was right…

Despite the hours spent in the air, the time passed quickly. I chatted and joked with my boss, I read a few books, played Candy Crush (I am so obsessed) and wrote (Hello Plan Cee)! I never even took out the deck of cards or my adult coloring book I had packed in my “activity bag.”

I decided not to sleep on the plane at all. I didn’t think I would necessarily be able to do it, but I was determined to try. And I succeeded. Although I was up for over thirty hours straight, I was able to easily adjust to Indian time! So when I arrived for our meetings the following morning after our arrival I was fresh and ready to work. Which was great because I ended up working twelve-hour days for three days straight.

This trip totally took me outside of my comfort zone, but I am so thankful I had the experience… My only regret is it was all work and no play. I didn’t have the chance to see or experience India… When have you gone outside your comfort zone?

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  1. I’m sorry you didn’t get to experience India more. I imagine there is a lot of exciting things that you could have done there. Maybe you’ll get the chance again. I rarely go out of my comfort zone. I have some fears that I just can’t get past. But I did travel by myself one time and it was a pretty long flight. My ex-husband (who is still one of my best friends) moved to Hawaii after we divorced. For my 40th birthday, he surprised me with a trip to visit him. I was afraid to go on a flight that long alone. I had a fear of driving all the way to the airport alone and finding my way. But it all worked out really well and the trip was probably the best one I had ever had (even though he used to take me there every summer).

  2. I LOVE that you brought a ” “activity bag.” that is too clever, AND adorable!
    I am stunned that you never fell asleep on the plane, OMG!!!! That was a smart move though. You are young, so that probably helped 😉
    I have stepped out of my comfort zone many times. The biggest being resigning from my job at a newspaper in Cleveland, (after working there 21 and a half years), and picking up and moving to Michigan to a man who did NOT want me there at the time, I had NO friends there, and I was starting a brand new job.
    Talk about nuts!
    Well, it was a HUGE adjustment, I now have the “man”, and NO JOB!! lmao!

    1. Caren – yeah… I always worry about being bored 🙂 I can’t believe I didn’t sleep either, but it made it so much easier for me not to have… I am always amazed by your move. that took guts!

  3. I have 2x moved away from all friends and family.
    First time I was single and it was a job transfer from Philadelphia to Washington DC area)
    Family changes brought me back home 5 yrs later.
    Fast forward 13 years and my daughter (she was 6) and I moved away from family and friends and became
    neighbors of Mickey Mouse in Florida!
    We came back “home” again 6 years later!
    I am getting the itch again but not sure I can move away from my 91 yr old mom at this point in her life
    I feel very “trapped” right now…. need to shake things up!

    1. Martha – I can understand why you want to stay put now. I am also amazed at how you moved around so much. I am impressed! I don’t know if I could do that…

  4. I tend to be comfortable anywhere I go. I am kind of a chameleon. Going outside my comfort zone was a whole different matter as it involved going outside of myself. I was always very very shy, almost crippled by shyness. But I wanted to be a journalist and frankly, there is no room for shyness in journalism. So after taking a few breaths for courage, I headed right into the thick of things foregoing all misgivings and fears. As a result I learned a lot, met some pretty famous people, and basically left my shyness behind.

  5. That’s a long way to go for work and not being able to play and explore just a bit. Maybe you’ll be able to go again one day and then actually see a bit of the country and experience the culture. Fingers crossed!

  6. Hope you get another chance to visit India. It’s an amazing place. You would have been on the east? Chennai?
    We go to Goa every New Year for a couple of weeks. This year will be our 6th visit. The people are SO nice, and for folks from the drab, wet, West of Scotland, the weather is just brilliant. 🙂

    1. Colin – yes, I was in Chennai – about two weeks before they were slammed with the worst floods in 114 years. I hope I get the chance to go again too. The people were amazing.. and the food!

  7. I love to travel and it is definitely something that I miss doing. While it’s true that we stopped when children arrived, that is mostly just due to the cost factor – because I would love to have my children see the world beyond their own doorstop too. And I like to immerse myself in the culture where I visit, so I can see how it would be disappointing to “all work and no play.”
    When I traveled to Jamaica once, my friend and I didn’t want to spend yet another tropical vacation only on the resort beach, or doing their planned trips. So, we hired a local man to give us the tour of the “real” Jamaica for a couple of days. Oh my. Yeah, we saw things. And I got a marriage proposal out of the deal too. LOL So yeah, definitely outside my comfort zone (especially since he already had 2 wives – ha). But it was definitely worth it too. Now I am not one to stay on the resort confines anymore and friends always joke I’m the “most likely to be taken captives by drug lords.” Um. Thanks.

    1. Rorybore – “most likely to be taken captive by drug lords” now that is a unique title! I love it though.I have always been a resort only girl. But this experience really left me wanting to see the real places. My nephew told me the trip would change me and he was right.

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